1. Strange start for Marco who get a quality start and worked out of jams but wasn’t great. Houston was 1-9 with RISP otherwise this game could be much further out of reach.

  2. Guys I'm scared we aren't going to score a run someone reassure me

  3. A long way to go but Verlander looks SHARP.

  4. Are these them? Looks like they are sold out but at least you have the make to search if it's them.

  5. I’ve never been on discord and am only vaguely familiar with it. What I do know that is a a community based app where you discuss a shared interest. How does that differ from the DMB subreddit?

  6. It's a just a different platform. It's more in the instant messaging/chat room world than the message board one.

  7. its got everything established and still seems pretty active

  8. DMB Society’s server is now up and running. If you’re interested in joining, click here:

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