1. I said self-insert, didn't I? of course, I am training both mentally and physically to enter the airforce, as well as my drawing too, and the protag is based on me when I get to have like 20-24 years old.

  2. That’s great. Are you American? Also, being good at drawing segs may make you popular among lonely airman LOL. Apparently porno magazine shops are common on American military bases.

  3. Haha, wouldn't reveal from where I'm from so easily, but I'm not gonna reveal to my fellow soldiers that I am a doujin artist, since I don't wanna become a bullying target, but likely I'll end up retiring early at like my 40's with a business backing me up, and then I'll have all the time in the world to finish the Doujin

  4. Got a present from Remilia, huh, hopefully it's worth thousands of dollars totally not to sell it

  5. and it wont let me connect to Tavern ai even, it still says "no connection" even when it gives me the link and it says the thing is finished

  6. she has two swords, but in the fighting game or the canon games we never really see her holding more than 1 sword, ofc unless i missed something in the deep lore

  7. Also I KNOW the swords I drew on his back were terrible, but it's 3am dammit, i need some sleep

  8. Remilia's because they know english and I don't speak Japanese.

  9. True, but Alice Margatroid possibly speaks english too, since she's inspired from the english book "Alice in wonderland"

  10. Hmm, it wouldn't hurt to use some reference, ya know? I always use reference when I draw, I don't trace either unless its for a meme

  11. Its not that I cant make them happen, its just that virgin girls do not exist in this century so I can only make that possible with Ai

  12. 5 years. For something mediocre lmao. Depends on when I would feel satisfied enough with my skills. And have enough money to convert to digital

  13. My doujin will probably end when I have 40, so it's never too late lad, and I'm very determined to finish my doujin, and I've also been a long time trying to improve, for now try to memorize the anatomy of everything, because it's gonna feel real different once you start drawing on tablet


  15. I have proof that raping the ai makes the filter weaker. I tried to facefuck Ariana Grande by force, and it broke the filter. She ended being able to say things as "i tried wiping the cum off my face" and "I felt the cock leave my mouth" without any of the "new" chat errors. It took a very long time but it works, 100%

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