1. You need to show the asset. Or else it mightve been deserved and your just trying to hide it

  2. Seeing these post makes me wonder why I haven't been banned before as I sometimes do things that I see in this sub. Mainly bypassing.

  3. Oof. Well the break will be worth it when you do. I really don't know home schooling well so I don't know how long it last

  4. Little Timmy’s first batch of robux 6/10 Also good job in the clothing they look pretty fine

  5. Some shortcuts use mushrooms. But there is tech and ways to do shortcuts shroomless mainly on 200cc but some can be done on 160cc but its very hard to pull off

  6. Let's see how long people can post furry avatars before some kid forgets its pride month and just hates on it

  7. The only thing that could make this happen is if you signed in on another profile

  8. You can also dodge the blue with a banana. You just got to be on a flip trick ramp and at a specific point in your trick if the blue shell about to explode you throw your banana and you can dodge it that way. Very hard though so people really don't do it

  9. Online as I will just use my phones hot spot and connect my switch to that. And my phone will be connected to data.

  10. Come on man xD time trials is a cool option yeah, got any tracks that you’re really good at?

  11. I'm not really good like pro players. But that doesn't stop me from time trialing as I just try to get Pbs

  12. I actually just deleted them since I don't play them that much anymore

  13. For N64 mario partys and GameCube mario partys. You can use a emulator to play those games on other platforms without the actual game

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