1. Mmm. Gotta love the stuff. I’ve got about an ounce left. I’ve heard others say this or that tastes like Penzance but I wasn’t even looking and noticed that Ahab’s Comfort by Watch City cigars reminds me a lot of it. I smoked bowls back to back to see too.

  2. Thanks and appreciate the tip on Ahab’s Comfort. Will order some today. I love several Watch City blends but hadn’t tried that yet.

  3. No worries. Yeah I do too. Watch City Slices, Ahab’s, Blend 558 and Old Dominion are great, I just tried Fat Bastard and Deluxe Crumb cut too which aren’t my normal choices but enjoyable. Of course I’ve got a ton of Rougaroux. :) I’ve heard good things about King’s Smoking Frog Morton match attempt too. Mentioned it on pipe and tamper podcast and I’m curious. I have to try everything. Lol. :)

  4. I’ve tried King’s Frog and found it to be fairly close. Same with the Rouxgaroux though I missed out on grabbing another pound to cellar on the last drop.

  5. Everyone is this subs wives :-P

  6. Patience there punchy it's been one day. I just hoping the get more 940 scales done in the next few months :)

  7. Very interested to hear about your 940 scales and where to find/buy them.

  8. This will be my first McClelland smoke ever, as well as my first Syrian Latakia. I was really excited to get the chance to try these not at absurd consignment prices. I feel very lucky. Not to mention my first esoterica/Germain’s. Happy new year, everyone!

  9. Congrats and enjoy!

  10. Thank you. I forgot to include it, but I also got a wee Reybert. How do you like yours? I'm excited to give it a go. So little!

  11. Still loving mine. Perfect bowl for dog walking.

  12. I’ve got a BC and a carpet shark too! Cheers!

  13. “Shut up and take my money!” - meme

  14. 100% would go walk about in that direction

  15. Stonehaven is in my top 3. Would love to find a competitor to it since it’s so hard to come by.

  16. The aces and deuces out of any deck of cards.

  17. CRK Inkosi left handed Tibolt from TAD Good worth brass lighter case Beta qrv2 stonewashed titanium

  18. Love all things TAD but I have trouble justifying the cost of that pen myself.

  19. National healthcare? 🤣 Sorry, I’ll see myself out.

  20. Where did you get that leather smoking tray?

  21. Anniversary gift from my wife. Believe she got it on Etsy.

  22. Nice looking pipe. My favorite tobacco. Enjoy.

  23. I’ve been experimenting with brown rice at the bottom of the bowl based on a previous comment seen on a thread about using that as an alternative to pipe stones. Works like a charm so far and really hasn’t led to any negative feedback from me yet.

  24. It’ll be fine if you are discreet. Take only the amount of tobacco you intend to smoke, wrap it up really good, and stash inside your pound of ganja.

  25. Your confidence gives me confidence.

  26. I also went to Jamaica on my honeymoon and I just packed a couple bowl fulls of 2 or 3 different blends in ziplock bags. Then two pipes and the tools in a pipe pouch which I wrapped in some shirts for extra protection. Everything went in my checked bag and I had no issues flying there or back

  27. Awesome. Thank you for the help!

  28. You should ask the pipe maker/op.

  29. Sometimes there are rules against self promotion, and since you mentioned it, I asked you. But by all means, keep it a secret.

  30. Not a secret just feel he would be best to direct you on how best to acquire one of his pipes.

  31. Congrats! Beautiful pipe.

  32. That’s pretty hard to match or top… merry Xmas to you though!

  33. Nice! What’ll you christen the (Nording?) pipe with?

  34. Do you have a link? I'd much rather buy from the community

  35. Search for AbbsArtisanPipes. I think direct links might be a violation. He makes gorgeous pipes.

  36. these pipes look great and the price is very competitive

  37. I definitely think his pipes are a great value. I’m almost certain my next pipe purchase will come from him.

  38. /Mama Boucher: “Because threesomes ARE FOR THE DEVIL!”

  39. That Neerup really grabs the eye. The other two look great as well. Happy smokes!

  40. Didn’t like the hemp wick at first. Started using matches, switched back to hemp wick. Happy with hemp wick now.

  41. Lunting with with a target! Love it.

  42. That's a nifty looking bowl. Is it for a falcon pipe or something else? I really like the red coating.

  43. Thanks! Yup, meerschaum falcon bowl. Looking forward to christening it with some SL this weekend hopefully.

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