1. Okay that's amazing thanks! I've read so many recipes which include adding water to a lidded Dutch oven but I'm glad to hear without will work! Thanks so much for your help!

  2. I use a separate cast iron pan and add ice when the bread goes in

  3. My recipe always calls for a 12 hr cold fermentation… good luck!!!

  4. Stretch and folds over 5 hours. Cold ferment. Shape and bake. Exactly

  5. What an amazing girl!! May you have many adventures and happy years with your humans Lucy!!!

  6. Dorthy looks like a beautiful girl!! May the time you have left together be wonderful and full of great memories…

  7. Triumph I only do trios from Canada

  8. Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman have finally made peace after a nearly decades-long lawsuit over the Spawn comic book series. In a settlement agreement brought before a Wisconsin federal judge on Friday, Gaiman has been confirmed as a copyright co-owner of two issues of the Spawn series and three issues of the Angela series in dispute. The protracted litigation was hard fought and illustrated what might be the definitive look at the legal problems that can sometimes arise from creative collaboration.

  9. Stay strong Fender!!! Hope your back on your feet and having adventures soon!!

  10. I don’t think it goes in your mouth… hope this helps!!! 🤔

  11. How can you not love those boobs with that ass? Killer combo

  12. Is this the same neighborhood as the kid w the spyglass and someone throwing food down the chimneys of people?

  13. Collector and Belos are going to wear each other out, with collector defeating Belos, then King finishes off collector or turns him to the light side as his friend

  14. Happy birthday you beautiful girl!! And hopefully many more in the future!!

  15. Thoughts and prayers for you Bentley!!! Stay strong… hope your back to feeling better soon you very good boy!!

  16. Not the answer to the question, but I’d talk to my partner and daughter…. Maybe have Bowie Ziggy playing also

  17. I didn’t say it did, but that’s where Loki’s story begins for his show if you’re a pedant. Time travel isn’t talked about in Infinity War.

  18. I didn’t say it did, since you’re being pedantic.

  19. We didn't even get to see a female Turian, no way were we gonna see that

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