1. Without a doubt Chicago. Frankie Knuckles (RIP) started it all with Ron Hardy at the Warehouse on the west side of Chicago (206 S Jefferson St) in 1980.

  2. It's kind of like other people digging for you who have similar taste if that makes sense

  3. Out of the bigger pools the best dnb and UK garage selection I have seen has been zipdj.

  4. Do you happen to have the Vinyl Distortion effect on? When active it constantly generates clicks and pops like vinyl.

  5. I was just going to ask this. I have a few cassette type plug ins and one of them keeps running...which is absurd, I need to figure which one it is, I believe it's the arturia one, getting rid of it

  6. It's broken beat nu jazz influence off the first click to me...and really good :)

  7. I love this series but it's vinyl only unfortunately. Wish they would release them digitally already

  8. I have both splice& loopcloud. Didn't like either. I wound up canceling both before using my credits. I prefer checking out packs & buying those.

  9. Honestly the best record bag I ever used was one that Shure makes. I haven't played vinyl much over the last decade but it seems those bags are

  10. This was my fave most comfortable bag from back in the day. Both types of handle/strap, lightly padded, comfortable to carry both ways. Good pocket system etc..mine is best but still completely functional..10+ years of lugging records 3 nights a week...was easiest to carry two bags this size.

  11. There's not that much room for records in there. You can go get any brand roll top bag, it will be the same thing

  12. This is what happens to DJ's that don't release their own mixes and host their own underground parties. If all you're doing is playing clubs, festivals and paid gigs, you will essentially become a robot. DJ's need to have their own brand in order to maintain the love or else it's all for the money

  13. If your giving him the USB so you can walk away cool..... Your not waiting for it back correct?

  14. No. Honestly maybe start at standard and catch a upgrade sale from thoman later on. I have suite since 10 and I feel it's excessive for someone who is pretty sample based and already uses some of the better free synths out there (vital, surge etc)

  15. I knew this for Ableton but recently learned that thomann is the place for cheapest price and broken up expansion pieces vs the whole kit

  16. It's not hard to justify, especially if you start out with it and years later your push 2 is still in mint dust free condition

  17. Hit shift and that little round button to your upper right of the jog wheel...forget what's written on it...it's in the video....weird sx3 glitch. That will fix it

  18. Proper wedding events company, there are tons of them and they employee djs that come from multiple dj background styles. This is very common in cities now. They will have social media and a roster of djs on their websites to choose from.

  19. yes, but those are just backstock.

  20. A couple things to be aware of, a lot of these application fees are scams in themselves, they are people that don't even have a property to rent you. They are just collecting fees.

  21. I totally needed this. I'm sure there is a way to do it but I'm switching computers and creates I made from other folder/crates don't seem to be full of the tunes I put into them on the original computers when I check the crates on new computer.... I've been rolling to work with I've fan working on a 15inch!

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