1. Their skin color doesn't mean they own that culture or even identify with it. Their skin color also should never determine what words, or sounds, they are allowed to speak. This would be a very racist approach to the issue.

  2. Everyone knows the history of the word. You're not adding anything relevant to the argument by repeating it because the point is about language and addressing certain words. If you want to segregate language by skin color, you are just being racist. Whether everything is "equal, level or resolved" is an entirely different matter but, either way, perpetuating more racism is certainly not going to be constructive or ethical.

  3. Maybe it would have over-killed the joke, but there's also the part of everybody roasting Leslie for having 5 minutes and still not being able to find the door.

  4. If the worst consequence is that the store just has to sell the item at the price it should have been, then there is incentive for them to try to overcharge, and just hope nobody catches it. Best case scenario (for them): extra money; worse case scenario: business (and revenues) as usual/expected.

  5. I enjoy this show, but let’s be honest: it’s not Emmy caliber.

  6. Like others have mentioned, there is something qwhite distinct about those teen shows that are "Emmy caliber" while NHIE isn't

  7. WTF are you just inventing a storyline where Ben and Malcolm were going to gang rape Eleanor? I think Ben just didn't know Eleanor was bringing Devi not that Eleanor was supposed to come alone? And Eleanor brought Aneesa also? It was just a group of teenagers wanting to hang out late.

  8. Watch the scene again. You're inventing a storyline of your own, not me.

  9. I'm surprised Lily wasn't picked first. She's probably the most fluent in Japanese.

  10. it sounds like a 12 year old messed up Shiphtur's perfectly good play, just for lolz? that sucks!

  11. I think the coyote being Mohan would certainly match with the magical realism style that many Asian cultures have in their folklore. I'm southeast Asian and don't know a ton about India, but my assumption is that much of their folk lore also includes sentient animals. It could also be a hint to reincarnation since Devi's family is Hindu.

  12. I like that. Magical realism fits with Devi and Nalini's visions too.

  13. I figured it was a miscarriage and then she wasn't able to conceive again.

  14. That would make sense. Double whammy of bad news. =(

  15. Actually, I think that was better than the fan event.

  16. I think so too. This interview happened first, almost right before the fan event, and so its weird that the fan event used some of the same questions.

  17. Thanks for sharing this! The "show and tell" was cool! I can't wait for Devi to have a production company and an office with the harp in it! Whatever she makes, I'll watch!

  18. Tenzin was wilding during this level hahahaha

  19. when she said "we got three balls, that's more than the american average" i completely lost it

  20. Then, the next round, I think, she lost 3 balls that came to her corner on an otherwise good run!!! She was the chaos factor for this game for sure!

  21. When can we call a spade, a spade? Ben's a creeper / perv!

  22. And we should have Manny Jacinto for Trent!

  23. He seems to really like art. Like, he signed up for it when he was dropping his AP classes just because he wanted to. He was doing something for himself. The classes he dropped were both math classes, and he was only shown to be getting a B in one of them. He might not be super into STEM, just into taking the classes that would give him the best possible GPA. I don’t remember if he said he wanted to be a lawyer like his dad, but that definitely wouldn’t surprise me if his career goals were more in that area.

  24. Not to mention, Art Studio is or can be an AP class too, so the hit to his GPA wouldn't even be that significant.

  25. I think that independent of STEM vs arts, he's a character that is an example of a horrible personality: self-centered, egotistical, and probably diagnosable with narcissistic personality disorder.

  26. The technique seemed pretty effective in minimizing the waste, while maximizing the eatability... all without additional cutting utensils, etc.

  27. Are these situations because the writers were called out with how they depicted lack of consent with Ben???

  28. Maybe we're just yet to see it. The story is told through Devi's eyes so she got to know Paxton and the Hot Pocket and we can see that they're....actual human beings. She hasn't really made any connections with the popular girls.

  29. I hate branded / logo'd clothes / swag.... but I'd buy that.

  30. agree with 100%. I'm team Ben. Plus in earlier seasons he really adored her -- driving her to spread her dad's ashes, taking her in when she found out she might have to move back to India, and just being supportive when she's going through grief

  31. He was physically next to her, but causing Devi more stress and anxiety by going utterly slow and worrying more about his own driving record (e.g. stopping, taking his sweet time looking around when there was no car nearby at all, much to Devi's chagrin) and concerned his dad's Porsche (by his own typical braggart admission) than about her emotional state. This was clear as day in the scene. On the way to Malibu, he was more caught up in being freaked out driving on the freeway for the first time than putting any attention to supporting Devi, who was noticeably emotionally alone while he did his own thing.

  32. Nothing to be exact. He didn’t even log on

  33. and will still get paid by Twitch anyway. LOL.

  34. He said on stream he will give his money to the other players

  35. Ah, that sounds like the cool chill guy that he is. Bonus wedding gift for base-mom Wondy, maybe?

  36. The article says "Along his journey he has a few moments of redemption... he drives a panicked Devi to Malibu to scatter her dad's ashes."

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