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  1. I see no problem with KD joining the Dubs to win his rings. He saw it as a good career / business move and went with it - can’t really blame a guy for doing what he thinks is best for him. If KD never won a ring at the end of his career, he’d get the same shit anyway for that so might as well get shit on by fans for winning.

  2. Oo, that’s a good one. Very unpopular, but I have no disdain for any player choosing to go to any team.

  3. Most people don’t recognize good coaching, they just attribute everything they can’t account for to the coach.

  4. Eugenics isn't bad because it's eugenics. You gotta do more than to attach a label to something and see if it's technically fitting that label before determining if it's bad or not. You have to consider in what ways eugenics is bad and see if the issue still applies to those things. I mean, banning the act of consensual sex with your sister for the sake of having babies is justified, but it's also technically still eugenics.

  5. You took the words right out of my mouth.

  6. I feel like people are going to argue that they’re similar because Wilt played most of his finals after his prime (aka when Russell retired and he joined Jerry West) as if Bill didn’t play in all but one NBA Finals.

  7. Well, yeah. Wilt had only one finals series as a high volume scorer. I’d say a 2-point bump over Russell sounds about right.

  8. I’m not sure why they’re so close overall, who they faced? How often they faced them? I don’t know. But it’s a little different if we just look at head to head. In both the playoffs and regular season Bills points and rebounds are below his averages and Wilts are above. Regular season head to head Russell 14.2 pts. 22.9 rebounds. 4.4 assists Chamberlain. 29.9 pts. 28.1 rebounds 3.8 assists Playoffs head to head Russell 14.9 pts. 24.7 rebounds 4.9 assists Chamberlain. 25.7 pts. 28.0 rebounds 4.1 assists I put Bill’s advantage in assists down to better teammates. That’s as close as I can get to the topic on head to head matchups. I couldn’t find stats on finals head to heads.

  9. The reason for rebounding being so similar is that Wilt was slightly yet constantly a better rebounder, but played most his finals games in a lower-rebounding era, so it mostly balanced out.

  10. Celtics had a roster mostly capable of offense like this last year, but never made it click with consistency.

  11. 1 defense last year. #1 offense this year.

  12. Right? I was like “umm how about the one where you don’t do the crime because the actual crime is the bad part?” Believe me, being accused of something you didn’t do is bad (I’ve had my identity stolen and someone racked up a bunch of debt with it), but at least I knew I didn’t do the actual bad thing. Weird poll (results).

  13. I think you’re misunderstanding the reasoning here.

  14. God damn, we’re you around? His assists dropped off in the playoffs because they were facing better teams with better defenses. His teammates weren’t getting open and when they were they were having less success dropping them. Holy shit I definitely did not like the man but he was doing all he could. Jordan was definitely more stat minded and got a lot more help from the league in that regard. Wilt was the goat whom the league did what they could to suppress, Jordan was the player Stern wanted to be the goat, for continuing the league’s success after Magic and Bird were gone, that anything that could be done to further that result was.

  15. I’m confused… are you attacking my position while agreeing with me?

  16. No, just being the old man on the Simpson shaking my fist at the sky just because I got grumpy and didn’t catch myself. Not attacking it or you. As the kids today say, my bad.

  17. Please tell me which races are ”naturally drawn to different things”.

  18. While I disagree with dumb gatekeeping like “If you don’t _, then you can’t _”, I do agree with its sentiment that if you don’t like something about society, you should actually try make it better rather than just quitting or running away.

  19. No, it contains just, what, >90% the world’s population?

  20. The thing is the convo was about black people in America, where Katrina hit specifically.

  21. So he likes black people and Americans, but hates black Americans specifically? Why?

  22. I’ve been married and divorced and this is the most cynical and faithless bullshit possible

  23. If you think people should stay married when they feel it’s unsafe, unhealthy, and non-meaningful, why did you get divorced?

  24. I completely agree with you. Honestly, most people here probably do as well, but are too busy projecting and whining to realize it.

  25. Ah, yes. Consent to be governed, secularism, equality before the law, equal opportunity, distribution of wealth are all ideas epitomized by the… right wing…

  26. Peanut-tree is kind of a ☠️🌲 moment.

  27. No, most of the upvoted comments are saying “he’s right” about the guy in the OP who said “no one who actually cooks wants to cook with other people in the kitchen”.

  28. I don’t think you’re supposed to take her seriously. Her and cow girl are practically parodies of fanservice archetypes.

  29. It's perfectly reasonable to leave wilt off the Mt. Rushmore of scorers.

  30. When Wilt was in a scorer-first role on the Warriors, he averaged nearly 35ppg in the playoffs. When not personally guarded by the GOAT defender he averaged 38ppg in the playoffs.

  31. Nah I definitely don’t think he was better than Jerry at that point. Especially after Wilt’s injury in 69-70 season. Jerry West was the primary scorer and facilitator on that team and also arguably the best defender on the team. As well as arguably the best defender on the team (although I think both Wilt and Jerry were top 3 defenders in the league)

  32. “Especially after Wilt’s injury in 69-70 season.”

  33. That would make some sense if the Lakers were down and not up when he took that.

  34. No, it’s the right decision. An easy 2 with enough time on the clock to likely take the last shot in case the Blazers make theirs.

  35. To simplify , the general trend of laws and culture in the federation were moving away from the exploitative system of slavery and a social hierarchy based on white supremacy. The governments in the southern states saw this as a threat to their way of life and prosperity. The south wanted to own slaves and knew that if they remained a part of the United States they wouldn’t be able to do so.

  36. The south already owned slaves. Lincoln’s administration promised to not end slavery. Every other new state was a slave state and this would have been the status quo for a long time.


  38. “The panel, consisting of Elizabeth R. Varon, Bruce Levine, Marc Egnal, and chaired by Michael Holt, emphasized that while slavery and its various and multifaceted discontents were the primary cause of disunion, it was disunion itself that sparked the war.“

  39. I think it’s pretty cool. Stars look cheesy, but the asymmetrical design is simple yet dynamic enough to make it iconic.

  40. Are you people seriously jumping on Fox News/Daily Mail "news" without even questioning it for a second? Too many fascists on this subreddit.

  41. Right? How are those limited sources of the story NOT extremely suspicious?

  42. But I thought Jokic wAs BaD aT DeFeNSe and got lucky with THREE game winning blocks last year.

  43. In all seriousness with Wilt, in ‘68 he did anchor the league-best defense, lead the 1st seed in points, and the whole league in assists, rebounds, fg%, and minutes without missing a game (about 47mpg).

  44. Normally I don't go for the, "imagine the response if Trump did it" line but can you imagine the response if Trump did this?

  45. Well, yeah. It’d be the same response to everything else he did. Leftists would have a problem and conservatives would say it’s fine.

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