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  1. Honestly unless you absolutely have to, dont go anywhere. The reason a lot of businesses have to stay open is because people feel the need to go out and stick to whatever fun thing they had planned regardless of conditions. I work at a restaurant and would prefer not to drive an hour in this, please cancel your reservations.

  2. Restaraunt reservation is not a law-enforceable contract. If a restaurant cares about safety of their employees, it can take the loss and shut down for a day. Shifting the responsibility on the guests is one of the reasons workers in the restaraunt industry are treated like shit.

  3. For what I get paid I'll deal with the crazy hours and bad weather, but this isn't a question of legality. The question is, do you as a decent person decide to stay home so people that work in the service industry don't risk driving. No one's saying you'll go to jail for going out, what I'm saying is you're inconsiderate if you do. Same reason I don't shop on Christmas day

  4. Not one person who is intent on harming others in a mass shooting will be deterred by any of this. These people expect their lives to end regardless

  5. If I saw that, I’d get the hell away from that guy fast as I could. I don’t trust people walking around wearing a gun.

  6. You'd be shocked how many are carrying around you and you don't even know

  7. People are allowed to do things that you wouldn't personally do. Did he point it at someone or shoot someone? No, then it doesn't matter

  8. Safe storage laws regarding children already exist. In the vast majority of states it is illegal to leave an unsupervised minor access to a firearm.

  9. The idea of this being the way they disarm us is absurd, but even if it wasn't, "from my cold dead hands"

  10. The idea of this being the way they disarm us is absurd, but even if it wasn't, "from my cold dead hands"

  11. According to the ultimate law of the land it's legal. "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state." When we no longer have a free state, use of force is a constitutional right.

  12. I used to work at a 7/11 and we probably averaged 2-3 a day. They likely can't keep staff, that job in high crime areas leaves you in a constant state of anxiety and hyper awareness.

  13. Price is outrageous. Assuming they lowered the price I could see a gay gun guy buying this.

  14. Nah man the security guard and the girl were wrong. Clearly his "years of gun training" didn't do much considering he decided to drink, pass a gun around to his friends, ignore and even defend their lack of gun safety. If the girl in question has never been taught she's still lacking in common sense. I like to drink and to be honest I carry after a few beers sometimes, because you never know when you'll need it. An easy rule for me to follow is the second I start drinking that gun stays holstered until I'm home or God forbid I need to use it. I could be at a friend's house having some beers, and he'd ask to check out my EDC, and the answer is "some other time when we aren't drinking"

  15. One extra mag , opposite side of waistband to the gun. And a 33rd in my EDC satchel bag. (G17)

  16. Love my M70, but be careful with Atlantic, I personally know someone who was scammed.

  17. Real easy to call someone an NPc when your life revolves around making a name for yourself and theirs revolvers around their family and the opinions of those they truly care for.

  18. This guy is breaking the law. Federal 51/50 law. You can’t carry a gun into any business that makes 51% or more of its revenue from alcohol sales.

  19. Yes It’s very responsible to fire a gun long after the barrel is visibly red hot.

  20. You clearly aren't familiar with how firearms, especially belt fed machine guns work. With proper safety attire it is perfectly safe to fire a weapon that's hot like this. Do you not think this ever happens on a battlefield where a weapon begins to overheat?

  21. Have you fire a gun for so long it turned molten red?

  22. I actually have burned out the barrel on an AR before and that was semi auto over the course of a couple hours. It's not uncommon, that's why they make replacement barrels. Why don't you explain what exactly is unsafe? They have eye and ear protection, no one else on the range and hands nowhere near the barrel? What is going to happen that'll cause significant injury?

  23. "Glocks don't jam" is the mistake. I own 3 each have over 5000 rounds and only one jammed from a friend limp wristing. All that being said, I run good ammo and keep them very clean. A Glock can absolutely jam.

  24. The worst one I saw was along the lines of "any semi automatic rifle capable of accepting detachable magazines that has a shroud or other part covering the barrel which would prevent the user from burning their non dominant shooting hand". By that logic just about any semi auto mag fed rifle is banned because you need a handguard.

  25. Quite frankly if they're your guns and you're taking her with you to shoot or teaching her, I just wouldn't allow her to join you without ear pro. My friends have every right to go to a range and shoot a gun, but if they don't listen when I teach them (first timers) and take safety seriously then they won't be shooting my guns.

  26. I mean...He did shoot the guy after he was down. Initial shooting = justifiable self defense. Point blank shot after disarming = attempted murder

  27. I don't know why you're being dpwnvoted. The mag dump was justified, but he disarmed the robber then shot the guy who wasn't moving and was on the ground in the head. It's past the point of self defense.

  28. I’ve owned guns since I was a kid but got my first AR a few years ago in my early 40’s. It doesn’t have much practical use other than home defense which I’m unlikely to ever need, but it’s fun and I like the insurance policy.

  29. The practical use is the insurance policy, have fun with it, train with it, and have peace of mind knowing that if shit ever goes really far sideways you know how to use it.

  30. There's a reason we take polls, record who each county voted for, and require our politicians to have a platform. Those cities are blue

  31. I believe it's enshrined in the second amendment. "The right to keep and BEAR arms shall not be infringed".

  32. Income inequality and poverty rates are very high. In the communities where most murders happen there is very little opportunity to financially thrive unless you turn to crime. Whether its selling drugs, robbing stores, robbing people, etc, eventually violence becomes inevitable to remain profitable enough to justify the risk. Couple all of that with the fact that quality mental health services are ridiculously expensive and you now have a situation where people have very low empathy and are willing to engage in crime for money.

  33. G17 or G36 just depending what I'm wearing. For quick trips to the convenience store a Ruger LCR

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