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  1. What is wrong with Gareth. Just can’t release the handbrake. Play foden in mounts place! Don’t add another defensive midfielder.

  2. I would have played Kane as 10 (he plays all game there anyway), with Rashford up front, Don't need Hendo, swap him for Grealish out wide

  3. How’s it a fix? Because we drew? Give your head a wobble mate.

  4. The draw suited both teams, they are good friends (the managers). Think Maguire had the ball for 60mins of that game.

  5. Can’t wait for Iran to fuck you up. England played for the draw, we are through

  6. We should have the following changes to starting line-up but it won’t happen;

  7. I agree with everything except Walker for Trippier. I'm a City fan, but I do love Trippier, such a solid RB. And not saying Walker isn't, I just think Trippier is better as an attacking RB than Walks

  8. I also support City, City are not same without Walker. He is the best England right back ever and currently one of the best in the world. No contest

  9. Goal difference so we need to avoid a 4-0 (or greater) defeat and we're through.

  10. Brought on subs that didn’t do anything creative and kept getting bullied off the ball. Played terrible.

  11. I wasn’t there for the GME squeeze but when it did, did it go from 3$ to $400 in one day?

  12. We are not down as much as gme today, of course i understand we are down much more in week/month but still wanted to lift this for the daily price chart

  13. Just shows that bond deals etc are BS. It’s just a basket that gets cellar boxed

  14. Nah man, I won't. Bbby was always a scam, take it to their sub if you want to discuss it.

  15. Wow those are some long term bags, why would you subject yourself to this?

  16. tick tock hedgies, when that market tanks, you will have no collateral left to ride out the squeeze.

  17. Damn.. i have ~7k shares at a whooping $13avg. Fuck lol

  18. Same but mine are at $3.95, pissed off that I didn't get $3.5. Hard to time the bottom

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