1. Cheated on me. Dated another dude. Cheated on him. Dating another dude now I think. Not sure anymore what goes on in her life but she seems to have spiralled downhill pretty hard.

  2. Currently 24. Got an engineering degree, a great job, just got a great gf. I still live with my parents but I save a shitload of money. Don’t spend much. Simple vacations (camping, hiking etc). Writing a book, and looking into getting a rental property as other income streams. See how it goes, but Im loving my 20’s so far. Just hope I don’t fuck it all up.

  3. Thank you for your input. I was mostly just looking for ideas on things others my age enjoy. I know it’s not a one answer fits all. Just looking for inspiration, I guess.

  4. A lot of girls your age at the gym. Yoga classes. Theres a surprising number of women in my Muay Thai class (most of them actually). A lot of women take up golf around your age (3 of my friends girlfriends).

  5. I did taekwondo and muay thai. Muay thai is probably the number one most effective martial art. Im not sure why you don’t want to do it, but if you want something to make you capable, its the gold standard. Also the only people that will tell you taekwondo is not a joke are people who do taekwondo. Theres a reason MMA fighters do muay thai not karate or taekwondo. Because theyd get stomped in a real fight. Those two are sports, where the goal is to score points. Muay thai is for fighting, where the goal is to knock your opponent out.

  6. I'm currently at a year and half from begining to learn. I started with Duolingo, then took a few courses in university while continuing with duolingo. I supplemented this with many google searches along with some songs and movies, mostly to get familiar with the general sounds of the language. Right now I can hold a decent conversation about a few things, I can get the gist of most texts, and I can probably survive on the streets of a place like Paris only speaking French. That being said I am still definitely not fluent, but my pronunciation is generally for good and I can speak and understand fast French well enough as well.

  7. This could be a hot take but: Biker shorts. Idk why, but I just can’t do it with those

  8. She had a personality, she shared my values, she wasn’t conceited and was very open and understanding. Didn’t try to control me, but also stood her ground on her boundaries. Took a few dates to really get past my barriers (like 10)

  9. Maxed out my RRSP, TFSA and FHSA. Still living in my parents basement… Im a cheap bastard.

  10. Canadian investment accounts with limited contribution room that have tax benefits.

  11. There are lots of different types of power plants, and that doesn't really matter. You will require far more energy to power an internal combustion engine, along the entire chain than an electric one.

  12. How do you think the coal/natural gas gets to the power plant? Answer: The same way petroleum gets to a gas station. Verdict: the only difference between burning fuel at a power plant vs burning fuel in am engine is that the powerplant has to push power through transformers and grid lines to get to your vehicle, and experience losses compared to a car where you don’t. Your argument is redundant.

  13. I honestly can't tell if you're being intentionally dense or not.

  14. In saying all energy sources get refined. Yes, petroleum at gas stations is pulled out of the ground via artificial lift, then goes through multiple stages of separation to go from emulsion to 3 seperate sources: gas, oil and water. The oil and gas are then pushed into tanks or directly into a sales line which the midstreamer than either trucks, trains or pumps to a larger plant where theres more treatment (usually glycol baths), where it is then blended with other sources of oil and gas, and then sent into a bigger pipeline to refineries. Refineries then refine the oil into different fuel types and sell them to different users or vendors. Petroleum predominantly goes to gas stations, the same way jet fuel usually goes to airlines. Im very much educated on the industry I work in.

  15. I get groped by people at bars sometimes. And people see it and laugh, like its funny. Its not. It really bothers me.

  16. Vapor recovery processes for the oil and gas industry. Im an environmental engineer.

  17. A lot of the people there have been in your shoes. Don’t worry about judgement. Everyone is there to improve themself, and you all start somewhere. Some people are further along than others but everyone had to begin at one point.

  18. I love spending time with my gf but I also need time with my friends. My gf is super supportive of this as she doesn’t want to be the reason I stop being able to see my friends. I think its a good mix. I see her maybe 2-3 nights a week plus a full weekend day. My friends and my alone time get the rest.

  19. I once went on a date with a model. The waiter came up when she went to the washroom and gave me a fist bump, and a “dude nice”. It was dope

  20. People downvoting me doing charity. Nice. “Impoverished people shouldn’t be allowed to get fit!”

  21. I asked her what her dream job was and she said “stay at home wife”. I asked “stay at home mom?” And she said “no, I hate kids.”

  22. Quite well, duolingo is one of the best apps i got to learn on.

  23. I did spanish in school and then duo, and found my understanding was pretty good but my speaking is awful. Now Im dating a french girl and I have NO french background so Im starting from scratch. Did you have any prior background? Are you fluent in the language now?

  24. I wanna take creatine because im doing a keto diet in my cut but am scared of future hair loss lol

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