This is seven-year-old Ellison. He has down syndrome and struggles with sensory overload. His parents used to dread haircuts until they met Vernon Jackson, a local barber.

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  1. We know that puberty blockers are less harmful than letting a trans child go through puberty.

  2. What does playing guitar have to do with selling coffee? Guess we better vandalize coffee shops that host open mic nights, too, with your logic.

  3. I'm from Florida. Being from Florida brought me to Madison. I came here about 15 years ago and haven't been back there.

  4. I don't like the Progress flag, this flag 🏳️‍🌈 is the best. I like the six-color rainbow and it's a beautiful flag, plus the standard flag already represents everyone who isn't cishet. The Progress flag is a hot mess, there's too much stuff on there.

  5. They also have a calendar with a bunch of other floral illustrations like this one. My boss has it and it is so cool.

  6. Are you blaming her for blocking him? If someone is going to murder you for blocking them, that is not your fault.

  7. Most of those attacks come from our own government and elected "leaders".

  8. That is literally what "free speech" means. The government telling you "don't say gay"? Violation of free speech. A person telling you "don't say gay"? Not a violation of free speech.

  9. A wheelchair is basically someone's legs. Would it be no big deal if someone broke both your legs? Also wheelchairs are expensive to repair or replace. Someone whose chair is broken may have to wait weeks to get it fixed and now they can't go to work or out in the world.

  10. Why are you interviewing at a place that you can't reliably get to on your own?

  11. People in mad town dont wanna play D&D. We wanna play Weed & BDSM.

  12. What is this you speak of, and how would I join?

  13. I always thought that location would make a nice little bakery/café. The adjacent neighborhoods could use something like that.

  14. Could be a small grocery store, too. Luna's is nearby but I'm sure it'd be nice to only cross one stroad instead of three to go shopping.

  15. I know people who have benefited from crystal healing, too. But they also understand that it is a pseudoscience, just like chiropractors.

  16. the original article in Mother Jones, which I don't understand why you didn't just post, boils down to "lobbying exists" as far as I can tell. Like no shit people who share a political agenda are collaborating to try and advocate for that agenda? Am I missing something?

  17. Oh man i got my teeth cleaned at the dentist (i think it was called a scale and polish) and i wish i could just tell the guy to stop and go. The feeling went right into my skull.

  18. I hate the dentist for similar reasons. I've had luck with the dentists that advertise as working with patients with autism or patients with dementia. They tend to be really understanding. One lent me a pair of sunglasses to help with the bright lights.

  19. Why do straight people feel the need to volunteer information about their partners?

  20. A person has no obligation to tell people that he or she is a queer leftist. That's my point. If people are going to treat a person differently, that's their issue. No need to broadcast it.

  21. Wisconsin Cutlery & Kitchen Supply. I will never buy another kitchen gadget anywhere else ever again - and they sharpen knives while you wait.

  22. I've had friends and coworkers take their nice Japanese knives there and have them come back all scratched up and at worst, broken.

  23. I'm autistic. That sounds like a kind of heaven.

  24. I'm autistic and worked for about 6 years stocking shelves 3rd shift. The store was quiet because less people come in at 3 am, I could spend all night doing one aisle and I could wear headphones and never speak to anyone. It was fantastic.

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