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Former US President Barack Obama confirms UFOs are real.This is it guys.Looks like disclosure is really happening.I now feel bad for those early UAP enthusiasts who are going to miss this.It's because of them that this phenomena got that necessary push.God bless their souls.

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  1. OLD is toxic for both genders I really hope society can return to real dating soon.

  2. Anyone who’s willing to cave dive doesn’t care about dying anyway.

  3. Well actually the correct term is fast CURING concrete. Concrete doesn't get hard by drying as there is a chemical reaction that occurs that causes it to become hard. Anyway with that out of the way WTF is she thinking?!

  4. Well actually the correct term is “fast setting”concrete. Set and cure time vary but unless she slept in the rd overnight it has set not cured.

  5. Why don't you two just get a room?

  6. Just like the majority of us who never heard of these organizations I bet he hasn’t either. They need a better marketing director😅

  7. I spent a summer at my grandparents as a kid in rapid city. I can confirm this happens during tornado season every year.

  8. I think you’re putting the emphasis in the wrong place. He’s parroting what he’s heard. True he doesn’t understand death at that age etc but this is learned behaviour. Where from is the more important focus IMO.

  9. Wow please read my post I wonder how many similarities we can come up with that may correlate to heightened or awakened abilities. I’m practically in the same boat your in, your post was Dejavu for me.


  11. I’m not a boat person but you can audibly hear them running outve gas

  12. When I was younger my mom used to drop my sibling and I off at our aunts to be watched while she worked her ass off building Custom Harleys. My aunt charges my mom $100 per child while she sat and played this allllll day. We literally made our own lunches and snacks at her house and everything.

  13. Oh well maybe I shouldn't tell you about Naegleria fowleri which also exists in freshwater. Very rare to get infected with it, but if you do there's a very very high chance you'll die within a few days

  14. I believe the answer is yes because it causes inflammation of the brain along with inflammation of the meninges (the three layers of membrane that protect the brain) and where there's inflammation, there's also swelling. But it's important to note that there are other things that could cause the brain to swell up also.

  15. Nightmare fuel….thanks😅… I used to swim everyday during the summers during school. One day some friends and I were swimming at guernsey lake and I captured and bottled a foot long parasite swimming through the water. The thing stayed alive for nearly two weeks in a warm humid bottle with no oxygen introduced. Another occasion while swimming I swam across this shallow inlet and headed towards the camp ground to eat. When I opened my mouth to take my first bite a damn spider crawled from my hair into my mouth. I’m done with water😆

  16. Yeah, first time I've tried it, it's very annoying to start with but once you get the hang of it it's a piece of cake!

  17. Right on mate, how did you fair with the smaller filler pieces around the perimeter?

  18. Some of them could be a bit loose, especially if they're only small bits but I guess once you put the skirting board down on it then it'll secure it a bit more hopefully haha

  19. Indeed, floating LVP and LVT can be a real pain sometimes, but for someone whose not a professional installer your doing a fine job. I assume your scoring and snapping, I would invest in a multi tool though, the time and frustration it saves is priceless. You can also save your flooring from expansion and contraction at this point still by doing so. Either way there’s more than one way to skin a cat, good job.

  20. Better than what’s in half the houses on the market in my area. I need to know who did this upgrade?

  21. You have two options. Stop and deal with all the typical shit involved after, or kill the bastard. Looks like you didn’t take long.

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