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  1. i never said that. why do you continue to make things up? are you trying to tell me that i've won the argument? i already know i did, you don't need to tell me. also i'll just repost my reply because it is so easy to shit on you:

  2. You’ve said it like a dozen times now. If raw materials come from somewhere other than homes….then you have 0 proof for your argument because you cannot post a source. Just admit it lol

  3. no, i never said that. why do you continue to make shit up about me? i'm convinced you know it's because i have shit on you this entire conversation and you're trying to admit to me that you lost. i'd ask you to source your quote but we both know you'll source something that doesn't say what you're making up and you'll look more like an idiot. sad!

  4. Let’s pretend you didn’t make that argument. What exactly is your argument? What is the relationship between raw materials being needed for building and your claim that Mao torn down houses for raw materials then?

  5. I mean he’s a dumbass for sure but a lot of these points are unfair

  6. Your responses make it clear you haven’t read the book, 2. Was literally stated directly by the text 5. Is presumptuous at best, larys motivations are unknown in the book but I doubt he would take kindly to his family and home being razed to the ground, 6. And 7. Aemond is stated to be unhinged and crazy many times throughout the book so these actions are in no way a cop out by George

  7. Wild to accuse someone like this and then just be totally wrong.

  8. Margaery would have been a much better decision tbh. The reach would be much more beneficial practically compared with the north, and if Robert really wants the Starks involved a Robb/Myrcella or Arya/Tommen would have sufficed

  9. Sansa isn’t just the North though. She’s the North and Riverlands and from Roberts perspective the Vale. The Joffery/Sansa marriage unites 4 maybe 5 kingdoms.

  10. This. Why are people downvoting you? Sansa is literally 'half the kingdom'. Her aunt runs the Vale, her grandpapa the Riverland, her father the North. And Joffrey is 'the other half' of the kingdom, who controls directly the crownland, whose uncles the stormland and narrow sea, whose grandfather is the Lord of the Rock.

  11. What power over her? The power to randomly implicate them both in high treason for no purpose? She already knew he had that. Alicent already knows Larys could decide to prooflessly accuse her of anything he wants any time he wants, and none of those would be any more convincing (or less dangerous to Larys himself) than accusing her of this. This guy has nothing on her.

  12. Oh you’re trying to say there’s no proof Larys killed his family? Well that’s just straight up wrong. He’s got at least half a dozen guys who saw him pardon, mutilate and release prisoners and multiple mutilated prisoners who literally set the fire while wearing his symbol. That’s an even sillier argument. He can’t randomly accuse her of something there’s no proof he did, he can credibly accuse her of something there’s lots of proof he did because….he did it lol

  13. No, I'm saying he has no proof she was aware or complicit. There being evidence he did it is just more reason he shouldn't have confessed, since Alicent could now assemble that evidence and get him justly hanged for it.

  14. He does have proof though…he has the word of one of the highest lords in all of Westeros. Alicent could assemble the evidence and do that now, but if she doesn’t do it quickly she’s an accessory. Which is where she ends up.

  15. I can't really think of any advantage the greens obtained by burning smallfolk villages and towns all throughout the Riverlands. It may have actually been to their detriment since Cole may not have been killed if he and Aemond hadn't parted ways.

  16. I mean you can argue there could have been a more effective strategy, but that still doesn’t make it just for fun. Destroying enemy settlements has very obvious advantages and is a common tactic. Tywin does the exact same thing in his Riverlands campaign, he just doesn’t have a dragon.

  17. Daemon is a bit of a loose cannon, but still I can't imagine him spending months nuking the Riverlands just for fun

  18. Well it wasn’t just for fun. It was an act of war/revenge. I think “loose cannon” is a bit of an understatement. Daemon kills totally innocent children for revenge and (in the show) his wife for personal gain. He kills tons of green supporters in the city and tortured others. So I don’t really see why he’d draw the line at destroying some rebel settlements

  19. From honour culture standpoint, if Criston actually turned down Rhaenyra, it isn't his honour at stake, it's Rhaenyra's honour and the honour of her family. You don't go on a killing spree because an unrelated person has dishonoured themselves. If Criston was a male family member or close associate and someone else accused Rhaenyra of sleeping around, then yeah, historically that might be cause for a duel (or more depressingly, an honour killing).

  20. Yes it is, it’s a huge slight against his honor to be even asked.

  21. Yes it is lol the text directly says it is. There’s nothing to even argue about. Male promiscuity in the kingsguard is not accepted, especially with the princess. Her asking him it implying he’d do it is a massive slight.

  22. The proposed Jacaerys/Helaena match feels like it would have been a really good one for the kingdom. Another opportunity - not just to avoid the Dance, but also for a better future - missed.

  23. Right. And at this point Alicent thinks those actions are about to bite her as Lyonel of Harwin blows it. So she doesn’t want to also have to bear the brunt of those mistakes by tying her kids to Rhaenyra

  24. Definitely would have been, but at that point Alicent thinks she has her on the ropes. Larys is feeding her all this information on his family and she fully thinks Lyonel is gonna confess or Harwin is gonna blow it. So in her mind she’d be tying her family to a sinking ship.

  25. People on Crispy’s side amount to a single person. Laenor has Corlys, Joffs family, and Rhy.

  26. Corlys and Rhaenyra are not on Leanors “side”.lol Rhaenyra isn’t about to be like “uh no actually he wasn’t defending me, he did this bc we had sex” and Corlys isn’t going to be like “well I know me saying this gives Joffery a perfect motive, but actually he was my sons gay lover so we have to take this seriously”. That’s nonsensical. It’s advantageous for both Corlys and Rhaenyra to support the idea Cole was defending her.

  27. If Corlys was so upset about his son why would he let the guy walk in with them? He said in the show that he thought it was just a phase.

  28. Literally an entire scene of him looking disapprovingly at them walking together that you missed apparently.

  29. Lol ok, but aside from everyone's right to a fair trial, if you agree that police overreach happens at all, be grateful defense attorneys are a thing. Especially public defenders.

  30. Yeah I mean by definition he doesn’t defend criminals. He defends people accused of crimes.

  31. Dude Fucking chill on this person. And these technicalities. Jesus Christ. So what if they lived other places. I hope they do in the future too. To Op there is WIDE world outside of Baltimore and HVAC is a great and lucrative industry

  32. None of those are technicalities? They’re blatantly lying about being from Baltimore and come in this sub constantly to trash the city. Why shouldn’t they be called on that?

  33. Just noticed them posting a lots negative stuff here and one claim in particular about being a Hopkins student who was recently shot in Mount Vernon stuck out cause like I feel like you’d hear about that. Then tonight they claimed to be from Edmondson despite having said they were from NYC/Philly a few weeks back. Cities got enough issues without people making stuff up

  34. Can’t even tell what side this is supposed to be supporting lol

  35. Nope. Just saying.. Prolly though. It's his lifeline. Meanwhile Russia is failing, miserably.

  36. Dude looks pretty fearsome, Idt they need anymore psychos there, we can handle him lol

  37. A cop can't murder a millionaire then punch Jeff Bezos in the face at his wedding then get away with it with no invesitgation. That is such a bad parallel

  38. If a cop was at the wedding to protect Bezos, claimed the millionaire was trying to kill him and accidentally hit Bezos in the process then yeah he would definitely get away with it.

  39. Have to add what happened to Cheese to this list. Blood was captured and executed but Cheese's fate is unknown.

  40. Yeah a lot of people want Daemon to survive but it doesn’t make much sense. Nothing we know about Daemon indicates he would quit the fight and live out a simple life. Especially while his children were alive

  41. Ok they're plain evil or good then, like Cersei evil, Theon Evil, Tywin Evil, Jon good , Daenerys good, Tyrion evil , sure they may have some redeeming qualities sometimes but that doesen't make them grey they just make them not as evil as a rampant lunatic or not as good as your grandma

  42. This has to be such a boring way to view the story. There’s tons of nuance to all these characters that makes them all some shade of grey, the pure good/evil split is really reductive. Like Danny is just straight up good? She was the queen of a mass rape/enslavement horde. She’s killed a ton of people and abandoned an entire city of freed slaves to get re-enslaved and slaughtered. And Tyrion as evil but Stannis as Grey is wild. Stannis burns people alive and murdered his own brother, yet Tyrion is somehow worse?

  43. She also had no say in wether or not become the queen of the mass rape enslavement horde and actively worked to make it less rape enslavemen hordy all the other thinga you mentioned were either that she killed evil people or had no way to act differently

  44. She didn’t have say in becoming queen but she had a say in a ton of other stuff. She didn’t have to love and memorialize the king of the rape/slave horde. She didn’t have to try and bring the rape/slave horde to Westeros.

  45. Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted because it was such an obvious case of self defense. Your example sucks.

  46. That’s not even remotely the point. People are claiming it’s unrealistic that no one stopped Cole when in reality that happens all the time. Rittenhouse is an obvious example of that. Nothing to do with the legal case.

  47. Would he? Their cover story is that they're best buddies, right? So yeah, if i'm a great lordling and some NOBODY knight kills my best buddy, you're going down. I mean, even if he was just a rando part of their retinue, you'd think house Velaryon would at least take that as an insult. In any event, as others have stated above, there's like 10,000 ways you could have fixed or written it to avoid how silly it came off.

  48. Corlys wouldn’t want all that attention on them though. If there’s a lot of attention people are gonna start asking questions and it’ll ruin their reputation. Plus Corlys probably legitimately thinks Cole did the right thing. He has no idea about any other possible motives.

  49. Because the whole political culture of the Free Cities is about being free of Valyrian rule. They are all founded and populated by various dissidents from the Freehold. And unless you plan to never sleep, even ruling with fire and blood needs a level of consent from the ruled.

  50. This isn’t right, only Bravos was founded that way. All the other free cities were colonies of Valyria

  51. It's not for nothing that the period after Valyria's fall is called the "century of blood"; Essos was an utter mess, with various cities/factions/warlords vying for whatever was left of the Valyrian empire, and then the Dothraki came and began wreaking havoc everywhere. Compared to the relatively peaceful and stable seven kingdoms, why would the Targaryens waste time and effort controlling a continent as vast as it was troubled?

  52. I think the biggest thing is that there’s never really a good match between timing and available riders, but this is a really good point. Westeros is absurdly homogeneous. There’s one organized religion with 0 heresies, one language and extremely minor cultural differences (probably exempting Dorne). It’d be much harder to control populations as diverse as the free cities

  53. Have they said they’ll go that far? If so that’s be awesome and Viserys will play a huge role, I had just assumed they ended it before that.

  54. Nope but I'm willing it into existence. We need good castings for Oakenfist and Addam so they get popular, we need a despicable Unwin Peake, and then we got us a Lysene Stew going and I get to see Sandoq the fucking Shadow.

  55. I mean if ratings are good, they have the content to run it up until things get boring again with Aerys I. But who knows. Would definitely be cool.

  56. The rebellions are incredibly annoying. Gotta rebuild Skane, give it to someone with good stats and then consolidate all the wildling holdings under them. Eventually they’ll be strong enough to handle the rebellions on their own.

  57. Probably more respectful because he loves Ned and wouldn’t be as overt in beating/disrespecting his sister but he’d still cheat and be an awful husband in every way. Cersei is awful, but Robert isn’t her fault. He’s a traumatized war vet with a drinking problem.

  58. I just reread this entire thread and concluded three things, two of which I’ll share because characterizing you and your attempt to discuss this has little academic value.

  59. Hey, you’re the one who keeps wanting to make this about the nationality of Soviet leadership. Not me. That’s almost entirely immaterial to what’s being discussed. But I’m glad you know a fact about something. And I’m sure all the victims in the bullied republics took great consolation in knowing the Soviet Union’s leadership weren’t exactly all Russian.

  60. No it’s not, it is literally exactly what we are discussing. You’re just trying to back peddle now that you got caught lying about a book you’ve never read lmao

  61. Lol Laenor would not be put to death for being gay. He's the first born son of a noble house

  62. There’s certainly ways he could finagle it bc of his power, he’s a dragon rider too after all. But that doesn’t change that he’s putting himself in extreme legal turmoil and shame. He’s not taking the stand in a trial talking about his gay lover in Westeros, it’d ruin his life

  63. Yes. What other choice does he have? He outs himself and has his lovers memory damned and himself put to death?

  64. He's obv going to say Joffrey was planning on attacking someone (he did have that knife drawn). It's not violating guest rights for a kingsguard to stop an assassination.

  65. Right, that’s literally why he was there. He’s on watch.

  66. The facts don't matter. Laenor can demand Cole's head as a condition of the wedding going through, and Rhaenyra/Strong/Viserys can come up with whatever excuse they want to make it happen.

  67. No chance Laenor does that thought because Corlys would never allow it. The last thing he was wants is his son exposed. Hell, Corlys would probably even believe Cole if he said Joffery was making a move to take out Rhaenyra out of jealousy. What other motive could Cole have as far as Corlys is aware?

  68. Means won’t be back until June. Grayson hasn’t pitched in the majors at all. You need to get two starting pitchers this offseason

  69. For sure, but neither of those guys in the OP should be the ones.

  70. Those are both pretty bad choices. There’s good FA arms over the next few years and we have tons of money. Very silly to trade a bunch of people. Alcantara is literally going to be the hardest pitcher in baseball to trade for. Would be a really really dumb move

  71. How?lol did you somehow spend the last couple years thinking the Os were gonna compete for a WS?? If you thought the Os were gonna be bad then, and good now, well yeah, that is simply a reasonable assessment of reality

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