1. Did you keep the cat, it has been my experience that cats choose their humans.

  2. I tried to put him in my purse but management stopped me :(

  3. Your family will probably assume your dad doesn’t give you enough attention.

  4. Or draw a line on a map to reduce the areas it affects.

  5. I’m no fashionista myself but personally I think it looks kinda dumb.

  6. As you should. I’m sorry you’re hurting ❤️

  7. I talk with one sister about sex toys but not my relationship with my boyfriend. One time I told him I was talking with her about this new vibrator I got and he just made this face and said “Definitely not something I would talk about with my brother or sister.” Obviously not your sister dude but I’m super close with my sister so it’s not weird.

  8. That we (25f) are the ones who say we’re not hungry and then eat off the guys plate. It’s the other way around. 100%

  9. I start with the fact that you have to be vaccinated. Currently recruiting in WV and god damn it is too easy too reject

  10. My cramps were this bad when I first got my period so I went on Loestrin Fe birth control and it has helped a lot.

  11. You are not trippin. I make 25.50 in Nashville and can’t afford my own apartment. Fml

  12. Yes. Be aware that they sell the booklets, not single stamps.

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