1. That's beautiful. How did you get the UPS livery?

  2. Yep. Lots of hair. Lips, beard.

  3. I am guessing somewhere in Europe?

  4. Dunno, but the bags of cocaine in the water are giving me strong Miami vibes.

  5. lol. I thought those were swans.

  6. I don't see why, but storage? You would need a LOT.

  7. I have had one. I was under the whole time. Didn't feel a thing.

  8. Before Hippies and Blacks. It was Blacks and Mexicans. Apparently, Marijuana makes black men go crazy, and makes them want to rape white women. I guess it's okay if they rape black women, but white women? No bueno.

  9. I wonder what they are thinking about?

  10. That dog looks like he is about to risk it all.

  11. I was always warm for Dorothy. I love tall women.

  12. 😂 there should be a special font for that, like Sarcasm New Roman or something

  13. Changed? Shit, it's INCREASED.

  14. Dave’s, hot chicken takeover, woodys wing house and, my favorite, habanero ranch wings at average joes. Don’t knock it till you try it!!! Oh, and Quaker steak of course, even though the last two aren’t chicken places.

  15. You want to get eaten for not showing up?

  16. Don't try to make sense of USPS tracking. It doesn't.

  17. This sub hates 6-1-pho lol. I will say Lan Viet, Huongs or Pho Thanh in Hilliard is are my favorites.

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