1. What prompt? I want to try with Romanian ones lol.

  2. Meri si lasa-ma! China e doar cu un loc deasupra noastra?! China cu Partidul Comunist Chinez la conducere e doar 65/176?! Clasamentul asta e o gluma.

  3. Da, dar asta nu inseamna ca nu se putea mult mai bine... ca idee

  4. The most wholesome Balkan community on the internet

  5. I hope it stays like this, and doesn't end up like AskEurope where only 2-3 questions are approved per day and only politically correct ones by the ultrastrict mods. The semi chaotic nature of the subreddit now is what makes it fun.

  6. I think part of it is that modern Romanian phonology is more influenced by Slavic than modern Spanish phonology is by Arabic.

  7. Do you not understand the word 'phonology'? I'm saying that it's not just a matter of vocabulary, the sound of Romanian, the ways they pronounce the sounds and the rhythms of speech, are influenced by neighboring Slavic languages which leads to it sounding Slavic to people. By comparison, modern Spanish has fairly little Arabic influence in its pronunciation.

  8. My bad. I misread, glossed over phonology, thought you were referring to etymology.

  9. ba gen daca noi suntem vazuti rau in afara, motivul e unul intemeiat. Noi ca natie am preferat in loc sa ramanem aici sa ne rezolvam problemele in tara, sa fugim la ei unde e totul de a gata. Nu meritam niciun respect.

  10. In Romania autostrăzile cu 8 benzi pe o parte pline de mașini sunt ceva firesc.

  11. Canada are mortalitatea de 5.8 la accidente rutiere

  12. Uiți de numărul de locuitori, implicit numărul de mașini și densitatea de pe Coasta de Est și Vest.

  13. Looks so, but we'll see. While I believe Pavel will be good, you can never know for sure beforehand.

  14. Yup. Same thing happened with our current president, everyone was happy and proud until it turned out he wasn't at all what everyone expected.

  15. It really feels like the whole 'Emperor's new clothes' art phase we're currently going through should have been finished a long time ago.

  16. https://yougov.co.uk/topics/international/articles-reports/2020/08/03/what-should-eu-be

  17. Parerea mea e ca nu toti handicapatii mental sa aibe voie cu caini de genul. Un certificat psihologic pentru detinator cred ca ar diminua putin aceasta problema. Ca la arme efectiv

  18. Sau ce-ar fi sa interzicem cainii de lupta ca in alte tari. Pentru ce plm de motiv are nevoie o persoana normala de caini de lupta?

  19. Problema e ca bombardierii trag la cainii aia cum trag la BMW. Poti sa ai caini de lupta dresati bine, socializati cum trebuie, si docili. Dar bombardierul nu de aia ii vrea. Pe urma se trezeste ca animalul ala needucat face probleme si-l arunca in strada.

  20. The commie blocks are horrible, but at least they're supposed to be housing for workers. I wonder what the rent in the newly refurbished version will be.

  21. They will most likely be sold, if it's not the current owners that are simply renovating. Not many rent here, most own their houses.

  22. That's the first thing I thought. This "facelift" look more like gentrification to me.

  23. I forgot if it was slavic or Romance, but I'm sure there's got to be a significant vocabulary similarity.

  24. Dude I have no idea what you're trying to say. Romanian is Romance. English is Germanic. Macedonian is Slavic. There are slight influences in each language, sure. But languages are usually very similar to other languages in their own language group, while very different from languages in a different group.

  25. For context, realized that I had 18 ability haste despite having bought boots of lucidity. So I try undo buying the boots and ended up with -2.

  26. Pe gandirea asta ar trebui sa iti fie frica si in ro daca dai drumul la stirile de la ora 5 ! Se intampla chestii de genul destul de des, dar e unul din 300.000.000, ai sanse mult mai mari sa caștigi la loto decat sa dai de un copil nebun intr-un atentat !

  27. Da, e doar unul din 300.000.000, sigur, dacă

  28. Tu le ai pe matematică, nebunule ! Au murit 10 oameni impușcati din 300.000.000, concluzia care imi dă peste nas fiind...? Ia vezi si mortalitatea priivind accidentele intre Romania si Sua, apoi rata de deces din spital in urma unei intervenții chirurgicale !

  29. Ai dus-o la extrem. Depinde cum sunt dresate, depinde de stăpân.

  30. It seems like you're confusing two different concepts. Re-latinization refers to the borrowing of mostly Latin (and French in the case of Romanian) words, not to a replacement of words in a language. In fact, most big Romance languages went through a re-latinization phase like this. New words were added, old words weren't changed.

  31. Its blows my mind everytime that a concept like "lobbying" exists, and is used proactively in a "first world, developed" country like America.

  32. In other countries we call that bribery but if you slap a different on something people suddenly think it's something different.

  33. While Ceaușescu started the process and it's convenient to blame everything on that period,

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