1. I’m buying this summer at $4 and letting it sit a few years

  2. My husband got it as well and when pressing “tell your friends” says price $180.00

  3. They sent it to his account or yours?

  4. He heard what Andy Reid and Taylor Swift did

  5. Here suns the cum do do do do. It’s alright.

  6. You still won’t fly with a $900 fragrance…

  7. Sauvage edt or valentino born in roma intense

  8. Are you wearing Jean Peal Gaultiers Pour Homme

  9. Are you wearing Jean Paul Gaultiers Pour Homme

  10. They are marine creatures that used to live on the other side of Earth near the Marshall Islands. They have gills instead of ears. They also have long webbed fingers and toes.

  11. Why Biden keeps our border open for anyone

  12. Pooping while the maid is cleaning the toilet is awkward too

  13. Just go to your local chemical recycling building, they have tons of this for free

  14. We should tag energy drink brands under his videos too

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