There's a house in my attic (part 2)

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  1. How else do you think they launch themselves into space?

  2. Late to the party but I haven’t seen anyone mention the Indus Valley script. There was a huge civilization in northern India and Pakistan around 3300-1300 BC. It spanned more area than any other civilization at the time. They invented writing independently, something only done 5-6 times in history. But to this day, with all the thousands of inscriptions we have and all the documented contact with other civilizations, we haven’t deciphered their writing. There’s no known Rosetta Stone, no known descendant scripts, no known documentation of the language other than what is written in the Indus Valley script.

  3. Yeah you can use Google translate or I think there is software where you can take a photo and it will translate for you.

  4. I’m a psychic medium and I’m picking up on a spirit in the second to last photo. Appears to be a child and there is sad energy there.

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