1. I feel ya' I'm a die hard sharks fan but have been paying more attention to the Canes because their my 2nd, and they're actually good this year :(

  2. Cale Makar isn't the best defenseman in the league. He's a very good defenseman, but there are better.

  3. Im curious as to who your list of better D men are, i got a few i think are better too but i wonder who you got there

  4. Some of the ones that I think are better are Jacob Slavin, Roman Josi, Charlie Mcavoy, and not usually but this year Karlsson has played phenomenally.

  5. I miss Geologist Randy, Chef, And when Kenny wasn't just a glorified background character

  6. I don't fkn know, the NHL can change so much within just a month. The only thing I'm even gonna predict at all is that Tampa and Toronto will meet up in the 1st round again, and Boston and Carolina will meet up in the conference finals.

  7. I'm surprised nobody has said the episode called "Skank Hunt" I don't think it's the worst but it's still lol wtf

  8. Vegas, easily. If they win ONE GAME they think they're gonna have a 20 cups in a row dynasty. If they lose one game they're never ever gonna win a game again, of course not all Vegas fans are like this but omfg so many of them are unfortunately.

  9. If the 14 in your username means you were born in either 2014 or 1914, I think you’re doing a super job!

  10. Haha!, but the reason I have 14 in my username is because just "RingoBingo" was taken so I just added my number in hockey, 14.

  11. it's old and they just had it at a different position then most maps

  12. Seems like the date would be inside the white descriptive rectangle, middle bottom. Resolution in picture is too blurry to read it.

  13. Disclaimer: I still love the other seasons, it's just that the old stuff has the most charm to me. Again, I love episodes like Butters' Very Own Episode, Kenny Dies, Simpsons Already Did It, South Park Is Gay, Free Willzyx, The Death of Eric Cartman, Tsst!, Canada On Strike, the list goes on. Just most of my favorite episodes are from the old seasons

  14. But now to think, how could the teacher arrange the seats for there to be the least amount of conflict?

  15. only thing i could think of is taiwan and south korea, russia and serbia, and north korea and china

  16. Nice you included some obscure enemies like south Sudan and sudan

  17. I’m kinda surprised you’re not polarized about sens. I thought SJ fans would either be bitter about the karlsson trade (although he’s finally showing his former self but still a hefty salary) or you like em for fleecing us with the Hoffman deal and/or seeing Norris spread his wings a bit. Also the fact that SJ and Ottawa share similar rebuild pains but the future will be brighter.

  18. Was raised on a habs hating family, my dad's a bruins fan and he's sucked me into loving the bruins and hating the habs

  19. I don't play online that much but I hope I don't get banned for my joke be a pro guy named "Penni Slicker"

  20. We wanted to buy one but we couldn't afford it, so we made it!

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