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  1. Short answer: maybe. Since the numbers aren't really held for long periods of time there isn't likely that they'll list the number. You're best bet is to be text back to see of they answer. Unfortunately TextNow is used maliciously and you should just block the number and report it to TextNow at

  2. Things I could have posted. I remember when this came out.

  3. No, if it doesn't work it's because many companies do not accept VoIP flagged numbers.

  4. This post isn't about "many other companies" it's about Telegram which accepts VoIP numbers

  5. That's not the point. Why are you even on here? You only comment wrong information and from what I've seen offer no help whatsoever.

  6. What the hell? This is awful. Dogs aren’t supposed to be treated like children.

  7. Same here, and to look at the the Dunning Kruger comments. Edit: only found 2.

  8. I had to reinstall Signal from the Play Store so it could use GCM.

  9. Don't know if this will help but can try downloading signal from apkmirror or alloapps.

  10. Just tried to download the updated apk from both github and newpipe website. It downloads fine, but fails to install. Weird.

  11. What error are your getting? Try using apk mirror downloader on the play store. You can also try disabling sure Play protect is turned of

  12. It just keeps saying that it wasn't installed.

  13. Try the one on the Izzysoft a repository.

  14. On a pc, yes; this is a great nfc reader/writer. Supports type 2 and type 5. Download the GoToTags Windows App which is free. We will have Linux and Mac software soon.

  15. I man I own some journals but haven't written in them and of course it's all in had knowing that doesn't help at the least except from knowing that you're a human embodiment of a fubar.

  16. Yeah, none of those head had Paul and none allowed me to put my own voice engine thanks for the effort.

  17. Right now we only have NTAG213 but we will add more references in the future ;)

  18. You have a ball park estimate on the time? (So I came set up a reminder for the future)

  19. No sorry, but if you have a specific project you can send us a mail on contact (at) We can check with our suppliers for large quantities.

  20. To be fair I would love to be depressed somewhere other than home and away from the reminders.

  21. Yes, typically when my finger is dry.

  22. It's my understanding that ipv6 is no different to ipv4. as it's just dummed down to it's level and they only difference- I could be wrong- being that is instead of a 192.168.1 255 it's 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7332. Personally I don't think it'd hurt.

  23. Normally is suggest you install a apk from a but that only works on Android. just to be sure, you're not using any sort of ad blocker or VPN? There is the possibility that your account was deactivated.

  24. My thoughts exactly. It's too profound. Robin had a very subtle widows peak.

  25. I define think you can it's one of the main drawbacks is iOS and just another reason for me to hate the iPhone. Apple only "allows" you to set up different ringtones for individual contacts.

  26. It's only available IF you purchased it as they removed it from the Store years ago

  27. If I bought it I wouldn't be looking for it.

  28. It's no longer on the play store that's the first place I looked and the original URL doesn't go there either.

  29. Ah yes let’s give them one meal and I will get a billion likes and follows for the tik tik I post, this will make me so much money! Disgusting way to live your life

  30. I'll delete this post if you can prove without a doubt that he does this.

  31. Proof is in the pudding, go look at the math behind tik tik numbers to revenue, he’s probably earning a handsome amount whilst providing one meal to some Africans

  32. "Probably" has no place as proof. He also owns his own restaurant he doesn't need the revenue. I want facts not baseless assertions. Regardless I don't care what the person's photos are if it helps the underprivileged then that's all I care about.

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