1. For me it was mogh, now I'm gonna admit I tried malenia twice then used mimic and rivers of blood so idk how hard she was gonna be🤣 Godfrey was my favorite boss ever

  2. Bro I've done every playthrough there first but now I don't care I'm still going there first every playthrough

  3. This was lime 2 years ago when I was barely sub 20 I got a 11 sec avg. Still mind blowing how I did it

  4. One thing that is important as much as where the ball goes is where u go, make sure u see where u slide( like which board or spot on the lane) once I started doing that and seeing where I drifted and slid it really help me keep my ball the same. Because if everything u do with your body is the same everytime, most likely your ball will too.

  5. Imo the best attack for th11 rn is a zap bowitch of sorts. The army is compiled of 8 witches, 3 golems, 8 bowlers, and 6 wizards, and like 2 archers or something. Then u bring 8 lightning spells, and 2 quake spells, poison as well, also have a rage and log launcher in clan castle(best with bowlers). So when u use the attack you use 4 lightnings and a quake on each inferno and then 2 golems on the corners of the side u want to attack then one in the middle(u can use like 2 witches and 2 bowlers and a wizard with the corner golems) then use everything else in the middle and use the rage when u need it. Smashes bases.

  6. If u don't want to change much about your form in general, you could just speed up your feet, the faster you move your feet the faster the ball speed.

  7. I think they were originally black and white and were gonna be like ender dragons and that's why you could repair the elytra, but before they did the voting they changed that but still had them repair the elytra later on.

  8. If nothing else works go where u normally stand, then scoot up a foot, boom closer to the foul line.

  9. For some reason it looks like it was filmed with a potato when u click on it.🤷‍♂️

  10. To be honest of 2 handed is so easy and an advantage, then why not just do it. Just bowl 2 handed, it's legal so if it's so good just do it. If u want to still be onehanded than stop complaining about it, this might be a little insane of an idea, but people can be amazing bowlers 1 or 2 handed.

  11. Is drilling any different for a two hander?

  12. There are different types of layouts for twohanders. You could just talk to your pso and they will help you out with it

  13. I played elden ring before this and I think this boss is my favorite over the elden ring bosses in terms of coolness. Love this boss but the gang of em in the beginning is hard to not hate.

  14. I was VERY lucky if you could see my .0000000001 health😅 so I prolly shouldn't have gotten him.

  15. Get a slide sock I got a storm slide sock for like 15 bucks on Amazon. And you will have to lean on your toe when you do slide because the heel will make you stop quickly.

  16. One thing is your swinging your whole body into the swing, the only thing that should be throwing is your arms, straighten yourself out and walk straight and let your arms throw the ball. But don't muscle the ball out cuz that hurts.

  17. Having to kill Alexander in elden ring, so sad the only dude that didn't want to kill me wanted me to kill him. 😢

  18. Secondary question: are there older players out there who bowl 2 handed? I know it’s relatively new but I’m interested in seeing how their form would look because I know things gets harder when your older and I don’t want to ruin my body with years of improper form. I’ve seen Walter Ray Williams Jr.’s form but I don’t know about other older players.

  19. There aren't really any from what I've seen, belmo is prolly one of the oldest 2 handers🤣

  20. Throwing the ball hard gives u nothing, just work on form and take videos to see how you do until u think it is good enough. Then work on timing, throwing hard should a last resort when nothing else works if your two handed

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