1. I dont feel like this will go well . Think twice about what u re trying to do because its not gonna be as easy as u think

  2. As long as i find u attractive and u have a dick . U can identify however u want

  3. Now just one question , are u me ?? Cuz literally going thru the same exact thing .

  4. Who gives a fuck about what white guys like and don't like lmaoo y'all are insane and giving some type of people a lot of unnecessary importance .

  5. I think your attitude is part of the problem tbh. Some people decide to go so far with their anti-racism they just become prejudice losers. Must be isolating and lonely.

  6. Mmkay i still think y all should stop worshipping white guys 🤷🏻‍♂️ thats embarassing

  7. That an insane amount of pain omfg , im so sorry that u have to go through this . I sometimes split on my dead mother too

  8. I also love doing this even for strangers, let’s me forget about my own problems for a second when they smile

  9. First things first. How often have you gotten an ERECTION from looking at straight women? Do you get physically turned on by women? If not, the reason is psychological. It could be that you are culturally conditioned to act this way because of the people you grew up with. Maybe your parents or the men in your family and community or the kids at your high school thought that this is how all men behave.

  10. You’re either bisexual or you gravitate toward some attractive women on a deep level to the point of wanting to be like them (wanting to be desirable to straight men)

  11. I'm about to turn 24 too, and I feel the same. Up until now, I absolutely wanted a stable and serious relationship. But now I feel like I'm entering my slut phase, and I regret not having it earlier.

  12. Im turning 24 in February . Well i want to enter my slut phase too but i have some fucked up standards so its not happening even if i want to lmao

  13. I was like you at that age, actually until I was 30 or so. I might have no sex for over a year. I was picky and somehow very cautious. Even when I went to gay bars with friends seven days in a certain week, I would very rarely have sex. When I did take someone home, I would usually limit it to kissing and feeling-up above the belt only. I had anal sex for the first time when I was 30.

  14. Yeah i relate to being picky . I'm extremely picky and the longer i go without having sex the pickier i become which is not a very healthy mentality lmao

  15. I'm an ex muslim and fuck islam . Evil religion and u guys need to stop acting like victimes i was born and raised in a muslim country and u r the most racist intolerant hateful pieces of shit ever . Fuck allah . Oh wait he doesn't exist .

  16. Funny how you virtue signal him then proceed to say "i hope u get depression". And you can't even see the hypocrisy in that

  17. Who said i'm virtue signaling lmao ? It's only because I suffer from depression too .

  18. 3rd has aged herself so bad. She's only 21 and looks 50.

  19. U r exaggerating tho . She doesnt look 21 but she doesnt look 50 either

  20. eating garlic when i feel ill . Shit make me feel better in 2 days

  21. It doesn't matter if you're " 9hwiya " . The majority of us give 0 fucks about skin color.

  22. I'd say call the dudes out, that's what standing up for people really is, not telling people to stand up for themselves. Being autistic can feel really helpless, so not providing a tangible solution doesn't help. He probably doesn't know where else to go instead, especially being that it's at work. There are also protections for whistleblowers, so you could bring it up to leadership. If you want to be an advocate, be an advocate.

  23. I already did and they said that he don't mind it and that i should worry about myself . And i can't report it to the management without his permission . How would i know if he s okay with it

  24. What about your mother and sister ? Do you love them ? How do you think they would feel if they find out you killed yourself ?

  25. :( I guess you've made a good point but I this makes me very sad because then it means that if I go through all of this pain then there is absolutely no escape.

  26. Why don't you seek help from them tho ? I'm sure your mom and sis will definitely be able to help you if you tell them that you're thinking of killing yourself .

  27. We all work for the retention department and we all supposed to receive the same type of calls since we have the same metrics and we are on the same team . But it seems like i exclusively receive retention calls .while they receive a mix of sales / billing / retention calls . I find this to be super unfair.

  28. Have you considered encouraging him to get married again ?

  29. He is already married but his wife couldnt handle his shit and went back to her mom's house and left his ass .

  30. I have a moroccan dad around your fathers age, I have come to terms with the idea that his addiction to alcohol and tobacco will kill him. Moroccan dads are impossible to reason with when it comes to these things, they could see their whole family and entourage die of this shit yet they will continue with these habits to their graves. GOOD FUCKING LUCK convincing a Moroccan dad to quit these habits.

  31. Iiterally impossible. They will think you hate them if you try to advise them.

  32. You have a mental illness and you can't help it . You're doing what u can . Its not your fault

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