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  1. Damn need a similar replica of this with Steve Smith and why did RCB used to bowl him in death overs he such a good powerplay bowler

  2. I used to apply odomas to my entire skin and sleep on terrace without any net. Not a single bite if you have wind blowing around.

  3. Did you write just one word "Help" as the title?

  4. Your title should give some information about the post, so that people get an idea about it even before opening the post. It is like the subject line while writing an email.

  5. File an FIR and tell them to check the CCTV as it is confirmed that the wallet has been stolen in the shop itself

  6. Surprised to see so many comments against specific rules that Indian govt has for years. This is not personal against a specific player.

  7. Aussies act as if they are the most innocent people in the world and often forget that they have been doing it since ages

  8. I still wonder whose decision was it to hold back Thala during the semi's

  9. It was Shastri, right? I remember Kohli wasn't happy with that decision and talked to Shastri about that decision mid match

  10. Is it just me or MI are wayyy too powerful to win the trophy ?

  11. Inexperienced middle order with brevis,Tilak,Stubbs,Tim David,no quality wrist spinner,both openers struggling with form in t20's

  12. Arshdeep needs to fix his run-up, if not anything.He is losing his composure when he bowls a no ball rather than getting hit for a six on legal delivery.

  13. Good but money isn't issue for me. What's your opinion if I want to pursue just for a degree and it's perks.

  14. I have seen my seniors say political science and sociology and economics are of no use if one is pursuing law.So if you don't care about time and money, then you can go for it.

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