1. The New game mode, if you capture 1 zone you get a shield, on another you get a attack buff an on the last you can see everyone on the map...

  2. But isn't the bonus a shield for the whole team the moment you capture the zone and until you lose it ?

  3. Well maybe she had the shield already and they recaptured the zone again and she got another one, otherwise i wouldnt know.

  4. Well maybe she had the shield already and they recaptured the zone again and she got another one, otherwise i wouldnt know.

  5. It Just practice and experience, you can try practicing in the arena and set the moveset on lights and heavys and get used to the timing.

  6. Alright thank you, also subscribed last night. Playing for 5 years is crazy

  7. it looks absolutely fantastic, very clean and cool theme but its not very templar, historically speaking yk, templar armor had a very boring white and red theme and the armors themselves were pretty boring aswell if you wanna put that into for honor. But overall 10/10 conq drip gj!

  8. Yeah thx but is more assins creed templar not the one you talking about๐Ÿ™ƒ

  9. See I wanted to do something like this but I hate most of his arms for the Assassin executions since they have just armor and nothing covering up his skin or anything. Looks just weird.

  10. But its al covered maybe little on the inside not but you cam barely see that

  11. This effect was available to buy from the masquerade, since itโ€™s over it will no longer be available to obtain

  12. They said it wont Come back in the near future, they never said it wont Come back ever

  13. This battle passes weaponโ€™s actually has some cool ones that I like a lot

  14. Is this photoshopped? Is that sheild real?

  15. On another note, I see your warmonger is rep 13. I'd love to see her fashion lolol

  16. I have it on my youtube, link in my bio of my reddit profile..๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘

  17. Can you plz tell me how to do it ? I got the armour but the green lines on the armour doesnโ€™t appear

  18. Go to my page and then click on the youtube link, i have tutorial there with everything you need to do๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Ahh so you cant get it anymore thats a shame, thanks anyways.

  20. maybe in lowest of the low mmr where people dont know how to block

  21. You've have said literally nothing in this entire thing. It's impressive. The finisher which can be soft feinted into numerous things is the mix up. The end of the mix up is the final choice out of the many options which can be letting the heavy go, soft feint into GB or soft feint to light or heavy etc... The finisher is the start up of the mix up... Without it there is no mix up. You know this... you're just playing dumb. You haven't made a single debatable point and you STILL haven't told me what the mix up is after a opener heavy. I don't think I know so much I'm waiting for you to state literally any counter point to what I've previously said since you don't agree. You haven't. You're just making faces avoiding the point and saying nothing. So I'm done here.

  22. Yeah Just like all the other heavys can be soft fainted ending in ub finsher, its mix up mate. You can type a whole thing but it doesnt make you smarter little boy

  23. Chief. This shit so good imma need your set Drop it down please

  24. Its from test your metal event, cant get no more...

  25. For the love of God drop the drip recipe. This is amazing

  26. Arms are from test your metal event, meridian of horkos weapon set from second battle pass and color from first battlepass

  27. Iโ€™ve got a full purple one with white/silver material which looks real dope. Iโ€™m loving this one aswell

  28. Thx and yeah zanhu is amazing, so many options๐Ÿคฉ

  29. He walked right out of a tomb to teach heathmoore a thing or two about law

  30. These sets would all have been so much better without the forced colours in them

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