1. Solved! The police have looked at the tracks left by the animal and they came to the conclusion that it was… a DOG! Thank you guys for all your comments!

  2. Apple themselves even used "Chemical Bond" in one of their latest ads for the new Macbook Pros. That was pretty unexpected but pretty cool IMO

  3. They will be shipped in the week of 13th of july. No one will know. I dont think that they will be ‚cheaper‘.

  4. Someone asked them and they confirmed they will be made of leather

  5. hey just checking, the treasure case is a different design to the CD book? I have the CD book from 2016,17,18,19 but none of them have the treasure case design and I didn't know why?

  6. There all different from the treasure case!

  7. do you know if there's a way to buy the book of wisdom anywhere?

  8. Riiiiicc! Stealing this when I come to see you in Switzerland ❤️

  9. He basically threw it to me at the end of his set haha!

  10. Best drop this year if you ask me, not a single pair i wanted more than these.

  11. I went TTS. I had a AF1 already in my TTS so I trusted it. But I have pretty wide feet so if you don’t, half a size down will be perfect in my opinion. Now confort, I’d say it’s just like a regular AF1. The fact that it is a high model adds more support to the ankle tho which is king of good

  12. Thank you all for your help🙏🏼

  13. I like how every single box is upside down, not respecting the indication

  14. One more Thing, its just a smal thing but: I missed the Tomorrowland Hymn at the end. It is one ft the most emotional moments at Tomorrowland... :)

  15. This broke my heart.. When the voice stopped, I was absolutely sure the hymn would took off but it didn’t..

  16. So why did I choose french and got English without this kind of message?

  17. We got the same one last year after Detox Day

  18. Yup got mine a couple days ago! Check your spams!

  19. Where are you from if I may ask?

  20. From the screen shot it seems he lives in Belgium. There is no (Processing abroad) phase.

  21. Fell in love with them! Enjoy man🔥🔥

  22. Yes those are mine! I love them so much man

  23. Don’t get too excited haha! On the Hexagon Stage on friday w2, there is a "Hexagon All Stars" kind of thing. This includes a whole bunch of artists that are not on the line-up specifically but that will be there! For example : Asketa & Natan Chaim, Sagan, Raven & Kreyn, Zen/It and many more! As La Fuente is pretty close to Don and Hexagon, I’m pretty sure he’s just one more on this list ;)

  24. Oh right I forgot about this! Saw StadiumX said they'll be at Hex All Stars too. Is Sagan a random example or was he really announced? Diggin what he does!

  25. Sagan posted he was a part of it yes! I met him in Amsterdam in april and I asked him about this but he said he wouldn’t be there! Liar👀

  26. How do they fit? Are they comfy?

  27. Seems like we are a bunch of people being able to track it at the same time!

  28. The raids are awesome but are pain in the ass to clean, wish I got the blacks ones instead

  29. How do you clean them if I may ask?

  30. First pair of what? Fog? Or sneakers 😂

  31. Of "hyped" sneakers yes haha! Got some GoT UB too but that doesn’t count I guess

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