Uh, thanks Bandai Namco?

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343 is thinking about adding MTX to MCC

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Losing value fast.

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Breast Inspection Day

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Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

  • By - 88c

Why is the color pallet for the Juneteenth emblem called 'Bonobo'?

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  1. Was interested in both but never got the chance to buy them, glad I didn't support them

  2. But it's just a launcher guys. /s

  3. For anyone reading this, disable full-scree optimization in the exe properties and the game will run at 144hz in full screen

  4. Good list but I feel like Commander O'Neil and Dragonkin Soldier of nokstella are highly underrated by people

  5. Honestly can’t cringe at this, it’s too earnest and innocent

  6. I will never understand people cringing at kids...

  7. they're so afraid of calling it an update, the game is simply not a new game

  8. Sometimes the rng be like that , that particular covenant took me about 10 hours id say, in my opinion this is by far the hardest one due to the enemies , I did all the covenants offline so took me a long ass time but the feeling after was defo worth

  9. do you think I should do the covenants before going to NG+/NG++ for the rings? or will NG+ make farming covenants harder?

  10. Id recommend getting all the covenant farm before ng+ personally, but remeber you dont need 30 for every one and you get a couple of the items just from playing the game in each play through so you dint need to farm the whole 30

  11. alright thanks, guess I'll give it another try

  12. why was this not a penta? I thought all enemies still had to be dead to trigger a multi kill

  13. Summer sale looking spicy. Elden Ring got that massive 0% discount

  14. That game is worth twice the price, the amount of content in it is insane

  15. Saint Pierre and Miquelon

  16. Yep, they're the same website. Basically links on steam.pm redirect you to a profile on Steam. It's so you can use a shorter link for things like Twitter where there's a character limit.

  17. Thank you for explaining, I appreciate it

  18. the fact this clip is at the front page of lsf is depressing

  19. Making the mother of all omelettes here Jack. Can't fret over every egg.

  20. The girl in the middle is speaking Japanese. The rest are speaking korean.

  21. Unyshek has commented on this on Twitter:

  22. it's kinda sketchy how this specific name slips up on this specific emblem when it basically never happens, someone definitely knew what they were doing at 343 but forgot to remove it or something.

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