1. I have an ikea rattan basket next to my hamper. Dirty clothes go in hamper, clothes that I’ve worn that I can rewear or to be honest - clothes I try on and don’t put back up - go in the rattan basket.

  2. 1st place: Gizelle, styled by internationally recognized stylist Kal (who, in his defense, does do GREAT hair from what I have seen on his page)

  3. Omg Ramona’s high pony, who could forget! It somehow made her look like an entirely different person who is an ancient baby.

  4. She made her last apartment/loft her personality and since she’s moved it’s clearly shown how boring she is

  5. Is she also getting very very skinny? She was always fit but loos skinnier than usual to me

  6. Care to elaborate on that? I know a bit about her racism but if there are other things, I’d like to know as well.

  7. https://www.thecut.com/2021/08/leandra-medine-says-she-always-thought-she-was-poor.html

  8. Like this is her JOB!!!! It’s like the gas station attendant getting mad when you ask for $20 on pump 5

  9. It helps increase the rate of cell turnover so that the acne bacteria can’t take hold

  10. About it taking a while - it’s true. I started January this year and it was the perfect month to purge since my January is a chill month without holidays and many plans. I was able to have the increased acne period in a low stakes environment and now I’m acclimated and nothing has been better for my skin in my routine.

  11. How extreme was your acne? Mild? Moderate? None at all? I have mildish acne but a good bit of closed comedones and I would love to start Tretionin. I have a big event in a a month and I'm worried my purging is going to last way to long.

  12. I have moderate hormonal acne that I don’t take BC for and an oily skin type. Nothing has worked as well as a retinol/retinoid. Even with my routine now I do still get one big zit when I start my period otherwise my acne has come down so much. My purge period did last six weeks though unfortunately, but during the omicron surge so I wasn’t going out much anyway. 100% worth it now one year later.

  13. I feel like Bellevue would be best for the Seattle area.

  14. People forget she’s tall - I don’t think she is low 100’s due to that right now, but maybe 130? That would put her at an underweight BMI at 5’11”.

  15. 💀 not me seeing this Tiktok earlier thinking Ashley’s new place post divorce is a little small and dumpy (when compared to Michael’s extravagant condo)

  16. I also made too much mirepoix and I have it frozen waiting for me when I make thanksgiving stuffing this year.

  17. There's a sweet spot where it's broken down some and is tender but not dry and falling apart (too long, even in a braise).

  18. Cooking time should remain largely the same. It's not one big mass of meat, it's several chunks that will be relatively uniform in size to the chunks in the larger recipe, each one surrounded by the wet heat.

  19. I weirdly like this better than 90% of her Amazon fast fashions. It’s sort of cool 🙋🏻‍♀️🫢😎

  20. None of the OG RHONY girls are married, I don’t think being married means you can or cannot be called a housewife. Bethenny at the grocery store shlinging samples was probably around this cast’s age. I’m okay with that.

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