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A sense of impending doom

  1. We all do it. You just had the balls to say it.

  2. It may be helpful to say what you want a trigger for…. I’m assuming you mean for an AR-15, but all guns have triggers…

  3. I’d transition to one of the other jobs you interviewed at. 45 hours average with a max of 50 some weeks may be acceptable for no OT, but at 60 hours you should be getting compensated for it.

  4. Out of curiosity, what does “second batch” mean?

  5. 2nd batch sent into USA From Turkey Aug 2019

  6. How can you tell? Is it by serial number?

  7. Most the time you’ll be lucky to get about 45-50% of retail when selling to a middleman. They have to price it at about 65-75% of retail to still make their margins. (This is just kind of a general estimate and can vary depending on condition and the firearm)

  8. I've never seen one before, but it looks like a modernized SVD.

  9. They’re not expensive, like $45 plus shipping. In stock is the problem.

  10. When you think about what it actually is, even $45 is kind of a lot for it…

  11. Not sure about Wilson’s kits, but if they list one as “duty/carry” go with that one.

  12. This guys out here doing the lords work.

  13. He’s probably going to snag it, but I’ll let you know if anything changes.

  14. No worries man. Bummed I missed those mags. GLWS!

  15. Yeah man that sucks. But the cores only come with 1 mag and no rail prob in a cardboard box but it's still cool. I feel bad for the people who paid 2700$ when they first came out.

  16. I don’t think anyone actually bought them for $2700 when they first came out. Everyone just laughed at Century until they dropped the price the ignition grand…

  17. That’s a bold move, Cotton. We’ll see if it pays off…

  18. It would probably be better to get a TA45 on a PS90. Tiny bit longer, still a mini, but better eye relief and eye box than the 44.

  19. I disagree. Yes the eye relief on the TA45 is better, but the TA44 still has exceptional eye relief. The TA44 field of view is also wayyyyy better than the TA45 - which on a sub gun I would think is way more valuable than an extra inch of eye relief.

  20. Yes, but it definitely doesn’t look like your there yet…

  21. You're over here worrying about mag quality, and I'm just stressed out about your phone dying on you...

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