1. I didn't buy it personally bc I can wait for a lower price but I thought some of you all would enjoy a quick deal.

  2. I have both and the GT 3D gets a lot more play time from me and everyone else that comes over. Other than the monitor not being perfect, it's a phenomenal cab. RR is great if you play on your own a lot.

  3. Nba jam, big blue, the newest mk, and I'm sure there are a few more that I forgot.

  4. That screen is bad though. As you can see, 1up aren’t using them anymore since the backlash.

  5. It’s bad from a distance. Yeah they shouldn’t use that display anymore, but people going out of their way to dismiss this cabinet because the screen is distorted from 8 feet away is ridiculous. Some people are keeping their original Golden Tee because of this and that ridiculous. The XL is better in every way except when standing 8 feet away. I’m not trying to defend Arcade1up, I got my issues with them on plenty of stuff. But people making it like the screen is unplayable are exaggerating.

  6. So, I got the extended cable and tried using the stock speakers as well, but for some reason, it seems like there is no sound coming out of the stock speakers at all. Any clue why that could be?

  7. You wouldn’t happen to know about how quickly they resolved it would you? I was so excited to get this on my bday yesterday

  8. Honestly, no clue. A lot of ppl here have opened tickets, I'm sure someone can give you a good idea. I'm sorry, that's definitely a bummer. Happy birthday!

  9. Looks like you just got unlucky with a bad unit. I've never seen that before on simpsons. There was someone who had that issue with ridge racer and if I remember correctly, he had to have new parts shipped to him.

  10. No need for after market speakers. The audio on this cab is one of the best they’ve made (which isn’t saying much). It make be due to the bigger box that the speakers reside in. They are the same Watt and ohm as other cabs but sound much better.

  11. Loud enough. Just needs monitor replaced to make the most out of it

  12. I'm glad you found something to help you through life. I can't help with places to look for notifications, but I can dm you as soon as I see it posted (I check this thing often, working from home). Idk reddit that well so idk if that'll be helpful at all, but it can't hurt to try. Don't stress this too much, you will get one. Best of luck!

  13. They do that to move the oldest stock, the one that will start paying for storage. In any case, if it was a mistake from the seller, he cant do much, is automated and shipped from amazon. They could cancel the order with an excuse only if they ship the item, not amazon.

  14. That just means that they ran out of that particular sellers inventory at that price. Amazon might have 10 different sellers listing the same item at a time, but one seller lists 2 inventory for a cheaper price .. it's that price until gone, then the price reverts to the next cheapest, and so on.

  15. No. Just use a flat screwdriver to pop off that center steering wheel cap. That’s where it is. 2 screws and a wire that unplugs

  16. So all I did was pop that cap off and messed with it for a few seconds and it started working again. Kinda weird but I'll take it.

  17. I had the same exact issue. Did the natural gas conversion and it was night and day.

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