1. I think the difference is that some stuff is inborn and biological and some stuff is learned.

  2. I’m attracted to strong women who have muscle (whether built lean like a bodybuilder or “thicker” like a powerlifter.) I’ve never been attracted to skinny, petite women.

  3. Why is “men” capitalized? Does he not want elves, hobbits or dwarves?

  4. Same folks who are upset over this shit are probably the same folks who get upset when Rey Mysterio doesn’t sign their box of merchandise at the airport.

  5. But is it really a secret if you’re telling everybody about it?

  6. Another one that’s a bit more recent: Three Angry Wives Pub.

  7. I did a search on their site and I’m not seeing anything locations in vegas. Are you thinking of something else?

  8. Woooo didn't know that. I guess should only do this trick if you're in a rental car then.

  9. You don’t. Period. I promise ANY thing you say will stay in her head forever. Depression and anxiety meds both are notorious for weight gain. Like a balloon. No matter what I did I couldn’t lose, and kept gaining. Stopped the meds, and weight fell off with no changes. And yes, they tried every brand in the market before I said crazy I’d hit. Ask her to go for a walk. Start cooking yourself. Make it healthy, cut all carbs, cut all sugar, she’ll lose even if she cheats and if it isn’t the meds of course. But this is bad for a marriage. Don’t do it. I can still hear my ex husbands voice talking about my weight 17 years after I divorced him. You won’t be able to undo it

  10. I felt like I came close. On the final half of my second run I got a bad rib cramp and it felt like I could barely breathe.

  11. 48 YO fat female, first time Murph, no vest.

  12. Lol it’s all good. I was mainly annoyed cuz I got there early to set up and I am generally not an early person. Arriving early was no benefit.

  13. Honestly, seeing stuff like that really pisses me off because I remember one incident involving my girlfriend. She scales her box jumps to stacked 45 lb plates, and she went off to grab some bands and other mobility stuff. One of the super fit athletes decides to take her plates from the floor to use for himself (she did confront him, though.) It annoys me because anybody can clearly see someone’s set up, especially if they are a scaled athlete (like bands on a rig for pull-ups,) and to me, removing them without even trying to ask anyone if it is being used is disrespectful of said scaled athlete.

  14. Vegas is a large city in the sense that where you live is going to have an impact on where you most likely go. I don’t remember the exact source, but I remember reading a study years ago that says if you live further than a certain amount of minutes from your gym (I think it was 15?), you’re going to have a much harder time staying consistent with your attendance (4+ days a week.) You could be going to a top-rated gym with excellent coaches but if it’s half an hour each way, it’s gonna be hard to stay committed.

  15. Dude quit the hard stuff but never addressed any underlying issues. It’s great that he advocates for the gym community, but he’d be much better off focus on himself so he can continue to preach it. I mean at this point who tf knows if the damage he’s done to his body is even reversible

  16. So, I agree that lifting (or really any kind of physical activity) is a good thing for lifting your mood and helping you feel better.

  17. 45:18 with 20lb vest, partitioned Cindy style. It’s my third time doing it but first time doing it with a vest

  18. One song: Dopesmoker by Sleep. It’s just over an hour long 🤘

  19. Hopefully the Knights finishing off the Stars in Game 5 on Saturday.

  20. Assault bike hitt workout 15seconds on max speed n power, 45 seconds off repeat 15mins.

  21. Or if he is feeling particularly masochistic, 50cals on the bike max effort

  22. Assault/echo bike. Ideal for interval work, but doing an endurance ride of 40+ minutes will absolutely test your cardio and mental fortitude.

  23. I dont understand how some athletes always get injured. Brooke and Emily Rolfe come to mind. Like what are they doing or not doing that they keep getting injured.

  24. Sometimes it comes down to genetics and body structure. Our bodies are weird: you can do the same movement a thousand times, have your technique down to a T, and yet something happens, something gets tweaked and all of a sudden something tears.

  25. I love working out, do so daily, have for 20 years, am muscular/fit and in better shape than guys half my age, and still, I would agree with you, because the exact same people you speak of are the ones who will make you feel like you're still not doing enough by their standards. It's like their entire identity. There are definitely a lot of people who prioritize fitness that are totally normal and don't even want to talk about it beyond funny or stupid gym stories.

  26. I’m like you. I love fitness and at 35 I’m more muscular and fit than I was in my 20s. But I also love geek fandoms, music, literature, and I have lots of other hobbies. The way that some people at my gym literally make fitness their ENTIRE identity (and to clarify, these aren’t professional athletes or influencers) comes across as a bit exhausting. And as you can imagine, when they get injured (been there and it sucks,) it is beyond devastating to them and I feel so bad for them.

  27. Plot twist: I have updated my photos. Just wanted to see what ppl would say and of course the police showed up.

  28. So you expected a different set of answers than what you got, and now you say the police showed up because of it?

  29. I mostly following strength athletes (CrossFitter here,) heavy metal musicians and instrument/music equipment manufacturers, and geek pages. We exist

  30. When the county threw that “Commercial Center Block Party” last Thursday and it turned out that businesses in the center lost revenue due to being fenced off, county officials not only didn’t care and refused to compensate them for lost business, but they also told them that their businesses didn’t matter and that they could buy the building up and burn it to the ground and nobody would care.

  31. The bit about nobody caring isn't exactly untrue tho, is it?

  32. I patronize a few of the businesses there like Avantpop Bookstore, the Sci Fi Center and Hellbound Horror Collectibles. They’re all owned and operated by good people and are a part of the alternative/counterculture/geek scene that seems to still get pushed away (as clearly evidenced by the commissioner’s remarks.) So yes, there are people who care.

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