1. Davinci is kind of a go to but I hate PC editing because of proxies and stuff that slows down the editing process. What I’m doing with my black and mini footage is editing it on an iPad with Luma Fusion, at least till Davinci comes out on iPad.

  2. Depends on a lot of factors but no. The only time it’s shaky like that is trying to carry a GoPro or it’s just windy. Props will do it too.

  3. I feel like the scraper can be adapted/modified somehow. In all other ways, this works just as well as my gas Toro, and it's quiet! So... I'm not going to write it off yet, even though it is imperfect.

  4. It’s just harder to push. We use these commercially for the past 2 years. I’m not sure if the latest SNT2110 has better scraper plastic or not.

  5. Considering I bought this yesterday, and it was made in June - probably not.

  6. I can’t imagine Ego made any changes. I know when I first got ours I chipped it almost in the same spot and it was bad enough that I had to order a replacement and use the 2 stager. Since you just bought it you could just exchange it.

  7. We’re in the same boat commercially, HS928TAS to Ego SNT2400 and love it. Haven’t used the Honda in a couple of seasons and if we do it’s for straight up snow pushback after the plows since that eats batteries. The only suggestion would be to get the biggest batteries you can or more of them.

  8. Personally think additional batteries is more of a benefit than higher capacity. It seems the heat generated by the higher capacity batteries in tools that have "peak power" does not result in an exact doubling of run time from 2x5ah to 2x10ah.

  9. We actually use 19 batteries between all of our various equipment so we added four more with the Z6. The higher the capacity it just means that I can run a bit longer before changing out the batteries so while I agree that more batteries is more of a benefit higher capacity also is King. Unless you plan out your battery swaps or carry an extra on your persons.

  10. just enjoy it. I fly mine in full manual and it’s a fun drone. I’d buy a simulator or use the one built into the fly app on your phone.

  11. It’s not too bad. Rest areas aren’t too bad and I’ve got a one wheel and bicycle in my truck to find nearby areas to fly.

  12. The chute is hard to move at times. I’ve had to move the chute by hand so I don’t break the handle while snow blowing or when there’s ice there. So you’ve taken the cover off the gear box at the top and confirmed there’s no metal piece with tabs hugging the larger gear? There probably isn’t going to be since it was an add-on piece and I’m not sure if Ego redesigned later SNT2400’s hence why it’s hard(er) to move.

  13. Good theory on the white gear cover. I just now loosened that cap nearly all the way - but there's not noticeable change in the chute stiffness. So I've tightened it back up the way it was. Good idea though!

  14. Oh no the cover wouldn’t have anything to do with loosening or tightening the chute rotation, it’s just a cover. I’m not sure on the white piece if there’s any adjustment as I’ve never seen it before. It could be spring loaded to put tension on that gear or it could have those same metal ‘fingers’ but in a different form factor compared to retrofit kit that was sent out early on.

  15. Go with the 11 if you can swing it. I’m not a photo nut either but some of the time lapse modes on the 11 still convinced me to get one. Mostly it was for the 10-bit color video since I use it on a drone.

  16. Great, thanks! I saw there is something that makes the 11 better underwater too

  17. I guess worst case is find a used 11. Some people literally never opened em or opened it and never activated it and still knock $50-100 off.

  18. Maybe you need to do better. Dji said they got different goggles in a kind of roundabout way.

  19. I’m not sure about the whole activation thing or running it through the fly app on your phone but the way I do it is I turn on the remote and then I hold down the power button until it starts beeping and then I do the exact same thing on the Avada I turn it on, and then I hold down the power button and it starts beeping as well, and then it binds

  20. That’s what I did. Still nothing. I’ve done it at least 10 times now

  21. You know, a video would actually help us out in determining what you’ve gotten what’s going on with it because everybody’s giving you suggestions that you know update this update that it just be nice to have a video of what’s up.

  22. Which ever has the best product in that category. I’m mostly Milwaukee but I have a dewalt circular saw and tire inflater.

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