1. If thst Melt is the same one I know, they should be dope as well

  2. Moksha might be my song of the summer. Shit is always a hit with everyone

  3. The fact that they merge the Indian music and funk so seamlessly with a hip hop vibe makes them one of the best bands out there

  4. It was an incredible production. As stated by others the conversations were great and extremely insightful. I got goosebumps from several of the performances as well. The OG’s were fugggggin DOPE.

  5. That’s Beyoncé’s band from back in the day. Apparently drummer from Southern Avenue, the band that played right before, was inspired by The OGs when she went to go see Beyonce when she was a kid.

  6. The last “comes alive” event Live For Live Music was awesome! Had a great mix of music, production value, and conversation. Excited for another go round with more interesting debate, substantive conversations, and pertinent subjects. Good on them! Congrats to the whole team. I look forward to this!!! Also, George Porter Jr. is a SAINT!!! I relish any opportunity for a sermon from him especially, musical or otherwise... Cheers jammers! Peace, love, and justice! Garlic grilled cheese to you all!

  7. Stand-up dude and soulful guitar player. also check out his performance with Christian McBride, Jennifer Hartswick and Trey Anastasio.

  8. Trey’s my favorite guitar player but Nick ran circles around him that night, I was there.

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