1. Multiple judges in multiple countries have said that Craig produced “deliberately fraudulent evidence” for his claim to be Satoshi. Would the real Satoshi need to do that?

  2. I worry about the precedent of just taking away the powers of an elected official. Regardless of how poor a job he’ll do, he WAS elected to do that job :-/

  3. I agree. I hate the guy and I wrote in Nethercott, but I’d be pissed as hell if she’d won and they tried to do this. The people want an election-denier. They’re idiots, but they picked him. And the will of the people should prevail.

  4. What if Craig isn’t Satoshi, and really is lying and scamming innocent people like you? In that case, would our actions be reasonable?

  5. Hi I’m a logic and epistemology professor and I know that Craig isn’t Satoshi. I believe that Craig isn’t Satoshi, I’m justified in that belief, and the belief is true and I’m not in a Gettier-type situation. The same is true for anyone else who believes that Craig is not Satoshi, if they believe it for good reasons — like the persistent fraud and his lack of understanding of bitcoin. So, a lot of people know that Craig is not Satoshi.

  6. I’ve read the book. It’s worse than you’d expect. I’m quite sure he wrote it himself.

  7. The cool thing about bitcoin is that it solved a problem. BSV only creates problems.

  8. I wonder if he is in here lurking? Mr Schmidt, I am calling you Mr as your conduct is not becoming of a Pastor. You need go to your room, and re-read The Gospels and do some self reflection. I'll also pray for you, and for your parishioners to hold you to account. That is, unless they too, are too far gone. It is people like you who give actual caring people of faith a bad name and get us all painted with a broad brush.

  9. Jesus saved his harshest words for Pharisees like Mr Schmidt. When it came to people on the margins of society he was loving and showed compassion — the opposite of Mr Schmidt.

  10. There is no way this is a law in the US. Institutional policy? sure.

  11. You are confused. Some universities and some countries have rules or regulation about what information a university may disclose about their students. I have YET TO SEE any rule or law that requires a University to be complicit in fraud. Universities may freely identify people falsely claiming to have degrees issued by them.

  12. Daniel Wellington sounds like a fit. Petites come in variety of metals and face color combinations.

  13. Interesting, shouldn’t be possible, usually smoking at lower temps prevents the moisture/fat from leaving the skin. There’s more to it than that, but I’m not scientist, ha. (Causing rubbery skin!)

  14. Bitcoin isn’t “private” lol. The entire ledger is visible

  15. Okay, tell me which transactions on it are mine and I’ll tell you if you’re right.

  16. I’d be less worried about which one I can see and which one Uncle Sam and his buddies can see

  17. I don’t think Afghans resisting the Taliban are worried about that.

  18. It's good that they'll finally be running Satoshi's original code.

  19. I did, although I've not yet decided if I'm actually going to go. Which was so dumb, I know, I KNOW, I should have just let the ticket go if I wasn't sure 😭 But here I am... 🤡

  20. You should go. He should congratulate you for winning and say, "I can't wait to hear all about it when we go on our date later."

  21. I don't see that because I run an adblocker like people who know how the internet works.

  22. I support renaming Bitcoin Satoshi Vision to Bitcoin Craig Vision, since Satoshi is irrelevant and Craig isn’t Satoshi.

  23. https://web.mst.edu/~lmhall/whattodowhentrisectorcomes.pdf

  24. I have served as a referee for many physics journals, although astrophysics/cosmology is well outside my wheelhouse. These gobbledygook papers are surprisingly common and journal editors usually reject them immediately, ie. they never make it to the referees.

  25. As a philosophy professor working in metaphysics and philosophy of religion, I get dozens of emails a year that read just like this: “I’ve figured out the fundamental nature of reality!” Craig’s paper (if he wrote it) is indistinguishable from them.

  26. I'm a professional philosopher and have published in the philosophy of physics and the philosophy of time. This paper resembles the random emails I get from people claiming to have disproved relativistic physics more than it does a plausible masters thesis. I don't know the backstory here, but if this has been passed by the Birkbeck philosophy department, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  27. You can’t imagine it has been passed, right? I know one of them a bit and I’m almost tempted to ask what the deal is. This would get a B- as a first draft in my 200-level metaphysics course.

  28. I have a PhD in philosophy and have published on McTaggart’s argument for the unreality of time.

  29. Facts. Though I’d say Florida is where the Northeast, if not most of America, also goes to die.

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