1. I had an in between. Hamilton, said it shipped in three days. Took three weeks. Just barely made it in time for Christmas. Great watch at a great price.

  2. I would have no hesitation in buying from Japan again. I regularly see brand new pieces for up to 50% off retail. I purchased my Seamaster Chrono from Japan and it came with box, papers and was immaculate. Arrived from Japan to Australia in 5 days.

  3. Agreed. Got my dream watch — Omega Globemaster — for $4k on chrono24 from Japan, and it is better condition than described. Absolutely would do again. No box or warranty for me but I didn’t expect it.

  4. Damn that’s beautiful mate. I don’t know why these Globemasters aren’t more popular. They are iconic and I think are the ultimate dress watch. Who doesn’t love a slice of pie (pan). I see the drum kit there, do you play?

  5. Yeah, I’m kind of amazed at how little love they get but I love everything about them.

  6. Next week they cross-examine the experts that determined all Craig’s docs were forgeries.

  7. That last half hour was some of the best television I have ever seen.

  8. Some fancy math there but Wyoming has more than 8000 public school teachers-not 250.

  9. Those types of actions would make Back a fallible human.

  10. I guess we just disagree about whether trying to bankrupt people and ruin their lives is worse than advocating for small blocks.

  11. Small blocks prevent Bitcoin scaling and result in the erosion of freedom and the concentration of global power in the hands of those who can print money.

  12. You know that Craig is a much better Gollum parallel than the devs, right?

  13. Very few bitcoiners realize just how loud even one miner is. They should spend at least one night in a room with a few of them.

  14. This isn't up for debate. Go look at the history of energy consumption on either of the foremost energy indexes. The energy demand for bitcon only goes down when it crashes, the halving INCREASES ENERGY USE.

  15. The halving doesn’t increase energy use. That would make no economic sense.

  16. Again, what you're saying is ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT and it's 100% verifiable that you are WRONG.

  17. The last halving was May 2020. Hash rate rose March 2021. And that was because the bitcoin price went from $10,000 to $50,000.

  18. Are these all and only the ones that will not be cross-examined and thus are being accepted as true?

  19. I think there is ample historical evidence to support the possibility that he IS Satoshi, people who have known and discussed it with him well before the whitepaper, and he has effectively proven his understanding of Bitcoin design with the scaling of BSV. And the fact is, nobody else has stepped up to demonstrate that they, and not Wright, are the software's inventor/designer. The BTC bagholding community prefers to assume that he's dead. My belief is that number one, BTC people don't want it to be true because he doesn't fit their preconceived notion of who Satoshi is/was, and because if it IS true, their bags (and many of the companies who have profited from them), will become worthless.

  20. Hey we were chatting over in the other subreddit, but I got banned because I wasn't preaching the Craig gospel.

  21. LOL, you are scared of the truth and then ask for ban.

  22. I was chatting with him over on bitcoincashsv and, I think, starting to make some progress. I suspect the mods noticed, because I got banned. Can’t have the truth over there!

  23. He’s also borderline illiterate, or perhaps English is his fifth language.

  24. This is basically what I was doing when I first got gout! The low carb put me in ketosis, and ketones compete with uric acid for excretion. Uric acid built up over months and months, and then came my first gout flare.

  25. When Craig side reveals the watermarking in the Bitcoin White Paper next week.

  26. What are you going to pivot to when it turns out there is no watermark?

  27. LOL, the world will know that BSV is the real Bitcoin next week when Craig side reveals the watermarking in the Bitcoin White Paper. The UK Judge will declare Craig is Satoshi.

  28. Craig has lied about everything else but I’m sure he’s telling the truth about there being a watermark!

  29. This shit is all nonsense. The value of Bitcoin is what it is traded at the moment. No one fucking knows where Bitcoin goes.

  30. How dare you. Obviously on March 17, 2180 a fair price for bitcoin will be exactly $82,848,834,821.

  31. At some point in the future, the model will break. Maybe the dollar won't even exist at that point.

  32. Blocks come roughly every 10 minutes regardless of hash rate (due to difficulty adjustment). 6 blocks per hour x 24 hours = 144 blocks per day. New block subsidy is 3.125BTC. 144 x 3.125 = 450 BTC / day.

  33. If anyone else is reading the above comment and thinking it must be an exaggeration that a national newspaper would be boycotted across an entire large city of over three decades... it is not.

  34. We were in a similar situation. Made a retaining wall with dozens of native plants on top and a flagstone patio at the bottom.

  35. Gorgeous watch. I’ve got a stainless steel with tungsten bezel on the way because I worry this one is too beautiful to wear every day.

  36. I suspect he was a victim at first. But at some point that clearly changed.

  37. Idk if people were continuously addressing you in the third person as someone else and you were answering questions REPEATEDLY under the guise that you were that third person, it would stand to reason that you would make this stumble. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened more often.

  38. I am too! Of course, it would be really weird to ever do it if you were remembering things.

  39. Email Appears to be from Susan Woolley to Susan Wooley. I don’t really care, I just like the truth.

  40. Email is from the clerk of the court to the people who had requested access, but she BCCd us all so that we did not have each other‘s email addresses. This is very common practice.

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