1. Like some other people said a good ending seems nearly impossible with the sheer strength of the Alternates and there seems to be very little counter to being near one. But I do think god would have to intervene in some way to create a counter to the Alternates. Idk if people would like this idea as it would be another version of Heaven Vs Hell with earth being the battlefield. But y’all think it’s possible for god to help out?

  2. I think more of human learning to live with alternates adapt to resist their psychological warfare

  3. Not sure exactly, my far fetched prediction would be god stepping in? I doubt that would happen but I don’t know how else this could have a good ending. Not sure how humans can stop the alternates.

  4. Maibe humans learn to RESIST alternates, like you can't kill them but can learn to handle whatever information they tell you

  5. Kane Chronicles, too, but it's place in the timeline is unknown. There's also The Sun and The Star, but if you're on this subreddit then you've probably already heard about it.

  6. Imagine if one of your robots gained full on consciousness and effectively become your equivalent of sprig

  7. I would love to be in a magical world, both have their advantages. The boiling isles is full of magic, and I would really like to learn all the glyphs. Amphibia would be a very exciting world to live in, and I think I'd like being in a world of frogs. Overall I would pick... both! The Boiling Isles one year and Amphibia the next!

  8. Wasn't it supposed to be an evil God trapping you in either of them? You shouldn't be enjoying it

  9. Can you blame him? I mean, he went all in with his plan, so losing at the hand of the three armies would prompt the beginning of the end for he and the core. Not to mention, he'd lose his dad and never regain his approval, which, at the time, would have been the hardest thing for him.

  10. Not necessarily. If you're creative, you can end up in a similar scenario and those pictures also don't have as much of Philip's personality as they should (just look how regretful Caleb looks here)

  11. Adora finally realized that her life was a lie, but in many other ways, her life improved: she has a new mentor, Light Hope, who would never manipulate her like Shadow Weaver did, new magical princess friends who would always support her, a wondrous magical weapon that only she can control, and a glorious destiny to save Etheria.

  12. But is it realistic that she doesn't feel conflicted considering she has been exposed to horde propaganda her whole life?

  13. Yeah, the fact that Adora defected so easily was quite a point of contention during the early years of this subreddit (when the fandom had more interest in discussing plotlines). It is just something the viewer has to accept.

  14. They do in the later books I thought, annabeths dad fits a ww1 plane with celestial bronze bullets and then in the following series with Roman’s the Hephaestus kids have a mossburg shotgun that shoots celestial bronze bird shot

  15. Well Bria is a manipulative bitch instead of a bully like Boscha, I would like an interaction of the tipe:

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