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  1. Happened to me I didn't have the correct GPIO number for data

  2. He also sent pictures, would a presidential band have a Steelinox stamp on it?

  3. Well steelinox means stainless steel and day dates are precious metal watches. So no it shouldn’t be stamped with that.

  4. Work towards lvl200 and Weapon to exalt40 Do expeditions to upgrade your boss drops.

  5. Thanks yeah I noticed the accessory sf levels now that's really cool, are boss drops still rare?

  6. For the chaos/hard bosses they are still pretty reasonable.

  7. Just curious, how long have you been waiting?

  8. Apologies, our support receives a vast number of requests daily and they are doing their best to attend to users concerns as soon as they can. Do you have any ticket number so we can follow up your concern to our team? Thank you

  9. Ahh I believe this is my ticket number, thank you 582094

  10. I sent some coins over to my binance wallet then my account was flagged for being in the US is there any way I can recover these coins or am I screwed?

  11. You need to go setup your metamask to connect to the binance smart chain network. Then you'll be able to switch between the ethereum and bsc network and see your funds.

  12. I just set that up and I'm still showing 0 BNB sadly

  13. u wont see them again til the next round of if the grp buy vendors stocked extras . there is also

  14. Yeah, that site seems scammy as hell.

  15. Thanks! I didn't even click the social media links i just noticed the countdown and stock left randomly changes

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