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  1. It’s not. They’re two different shows. One is a haunted house type thing located at Arkham. The other is like prince of the city.

  2. Why are you saying that as if you know definitively what the show is going to be? None of us know what their plans are as we’ve heard nothing about it. There’s no evidence to support the fact that the Arkham show will primarily be a haunted house type thing and not include a focus on the GCPD in any way.

  3. Robert Pattinson gave the best Batman performance and the most subtle one as well. He conveyed more with just his eyes than any of the other actors did. You knew what he was feeling/thinking just by the look in his eyes. He also nails the obsessive compulsion that Batman has and remains mysterious and distant with his alien like movements. Pattinson disappears in the role, you never think it’s him. Not to mention he doesn’t have that awful growly voice. The characterization is also the most comic accurate.

  4. There’s more to Bruce Wayne than just being a rich playboy. People who think that have a very superficial understanding of the character. The new movie captures the real guy under the mask and his constant ongoing compulsion and psychology better than any of the other Batman movies. It was a creative choice to not have the billionaire persona.

  5. Margot Robbie played the surface level Dead pool-like HQ that had zero depth or character (which was all in the writing) . She’s wasn’t exactly given much to work with. And Margot Robbie is a far better actress than Lady Gaga.

  6. Thats not what I meant. I watched the interview and it’s heavily edited. The 8 minute clip that he posted clearly is not the whole interview. So that’s what I was asking about

  7. I really hope Gaga can pull this off. She’s so well known that she kind of has a blue collar-ness to her that she’ll never be able to escape. I hope I don’t watch the movie and the whole time will be thinking “that’s just Lady Gaga” We’ll see.

  8. I don't get a blue collar vibe from Gaga at all, lol. It's well known that her parents were rich. I think her mom was an executive for Verizon. She's had one role where she had to pull off a blue collar vibe, which was in A Star is Born, and she did that tremendously though. And I've never watched her in anything and just thought “that’s just Lady Gaga”, personally. She really envelops her characters imo.

  9. I don’t think her parents were THAT wealthy. But regardless, that’s not what I meant at all. I don’t know what you mean by that.

  10. I didn’t love the pull back with the whole “oh he just wanted Falcone to put the fear of God in this guy”. It would have been more impactful if Thomas Wayne really did have that guy killed. As Batman would realize that he can’t just fight for his parents but rather Gotham as a whole.

  11. You’re right. I’m sorry bro. But I just don’t think that by the time the sequel arrives (2025 at the earliest) would be such a hard stretch of the imagination to understand that penguin got a better control over the underworld. Again, sorry for coming across the wrong way.

  12. But they can also very easily and quickly cover those story beats in a movie if it’s important to the story. All of these spin offs are unnecessary. Interesting? Yes. Necessary? Not at all. I want to see them just as much as anyone else but I’m not gonna be upset if they never happen.

  13. The Arkham show definitely isn’t necessary. Based on what we know of the Penguin show (as in leaks) they supposedly set up some important stuff for the sequel. It’s not 100% necessary for sure. But I think it’s definitely needed.

  14. Arkham because (as far as we know) it hasn’t been written yet and Penguin is much further in development. I never thought the Arkham show was going to get made anyways. Seems too good of a concept to be true.

  15. It’s unlikely it’ll get canned, but it COULD happen. It’s best for us to expect anything.

  16. I agree. The script and direction were a bit shallow and unimaginative, but it looked good and Phoenix was great. So was the score and overall design of production. But the musical aspect and Gaga are such wild additions that it could be fun to experience at the very least.

  17. I don’t know if I’ll be able to buy Gaga in the role. She has an obvious blue collar-ness that she will never be able to shake off because of how huge she is. I hope I’m not going to watch the movie and the whole time just be thinking “hey, that’s just lady gaga” and not the character she’s playing.

  18. Very curious to see how this turns out. The concept (if done well) could be amazing. Curious to see how much more comic book-y this one is compared to the first one.

  19. Obviously he knows more than us, but I get the feeling that he’s a bit over confident. I don’t see why Peacemaker couldn’t get cancelled as well if the execs make that decision

  20. I’m not in denial about anything. I simply don’t believe you because you’re a random nobody on Reddit pretending to know something factual. I’ll believe it when actual scoopers say something.

  21. I was actually looking forward to Batgirl. What a shame. Blue Beetle better not get cancelled.

  22. I’d say “completely safe” is a pretty ignorant statement to make considering the situation. We know nothing of their plans.

  23. I’m sure the sequel will be fine. Nothing is safe tho after this decision. Don’t be surprised if the Penguin show doesn’t happen.

  24. He’s said he’s not interested in the fantastical elements…..several times.

  25. I honestly won’t believe it’s actually happening until production officially starts. That Arkham show will probably never get made. We’ve heard absolutely nothing about it.

  26. It’s unfortunate for sure. We probably won’t see the finished product until 2024 or possibly late 2023. Hoping it turns out great!!

  27. Subs lol reddit is what you’re using for an argument? hand over mouth

  28. What other things would you suggest I use? Other social media platforms? Cause the result is the same in that case. Lol

  29. Real life for starters. Real people that you know who have seen it. Fans and non fans, casuals. Then go to twitter, instagram, Facebook. This sub is fun and generally positive which is a shocker because 95 percent of reddit is a negative shithole of humanity ready to tear everything down. Honestly none of it is real lol like Chappelle once said “twitter isn’t a real place”.

  30. Sorry Nolan fans, but those movies have aged terribly.

  31. Tell me about it lol. The politics in those movies always sucked tho. Christopher Nolan is too conservative

  32. Do you think Bruce in the Batman 2 will take more of a lead with the Wayne Company etc. I think it’s a good scene where Alfred talks about he has other responsibilities, sets it up nicely.

  33. I think they'll definitely explore that more. You'll definitely see more public Bruce Wayne. Taking control of Wayne Enterprises tho.....I'm not sure. We'll have to see.

  34. I think ‘Tenet’ is a good indication of what Robert could do with the character. It will be interesting to see if there’s any time jump. I’m excited either way! The Batman 2 and Top Gun have been the stand out movies for me this year.

  35. For sure. I thought Pattinson was the best part of Tenet. Well, the only real good part of that entire movie Lol

  36. She's better than those 3 ,as she can sing and obviously they cant

  37. Lady Gaga's performance of the Sound of Music at the Oscars in 2015 is miles better than anything Kelly Clarkson has done vocally in her career (as well as Taylor and Katy)

  38. I’m a comic book fan not really a comic book movie fan. I just don’t want to see it that’s all. It’s not my thing. But also, I disagree that Batman is “meant” to crossover with other heroes. Why does that ever need to happen? The only thing that is meant to happen is whatever the writer and director want to do with Batman (and the studio). If Reeves or the next person doesn’t want their Batman to mix it up with Superman then that should be respected. It’s whatever the story calls for. And right now none of what’s happening (Batman having a cameo in Aquaman 2 included) makes sense to me. Feels random and shoehorned just to turn some heads.

  39. Yeah, and there are thousands upon thousands of comics in which Batman interacts with other heroes. They don’t always tell a compelling story, but it’s a fun dynamic. Not of all Batman’s villains are serial killers or mobsters. They’re colourful for sure, and none of that “colourfulness” is expressed in what Reeves or Nolan did. Though Reeves came very close to be fair.

  40. This will be more of a gangwar/maifa war considering black mask is rumoured to show up as well

  41. Penguins rise to power on Gotham was also a mafia/gang war. Either way, I’m sure it will be done well

  42. for some reason my comment did not get updated. I was saying this will be mafia-esque show as well like gotham, so don't expect something very different aside from black mask's and clayface's involvement.

  43. I’m not expecting to be blow away by the mafia aspect. I just want to be entertained

  44. This is why Batman is the best fictional character.

  45. Because Bruce Wayne’s base motivations and struggles are something anyone can relate to

  46. Glad you connected with it. Matt Reeves is great at conveying emotion in a subtle way. The scenes with the characters at their most vulnerable are really well done

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