1. Won't be the 1st or the last time i fail. As an adult, I'm used to it . You're biggest achievements and failures have all been on Minecraft

  2. I had to do two responses because I hit my character limit. I'll have to just stop quoting your passages.

  3. Thats because I mostly agree with what he has to say except maybe 1 thing but I guess I will answer it just for you.

  4. No you don't. His post is literally the opposite of yours lol what?

  5. No is not. My post may sound negative but what I said is the uniqueness of the games are not there anymore apart from the historical setting and that they take inspiration from other games without adding theyre own creativity.

  6. You said the loss of the uniqueness will lead to the downfall of the series creativity, and he pointed out how more people see it as fresh now compared to when it was just standard AC elements.

  7. Now you're really confusing me. That is already his costume.

  8. That's not Batfleck, that's TDKR Batman. The Batfleck armored suit looks different.

  9. I have at this point come to the conclusion that you are "trolling" me but I'm going to respond just for anyone else that comes across this comment chain.

  10. The (valid) criticism is that he didn’t play nearly as well as he usually did. Saying the Mavs defence took him out of it doesn’t change that fact.

  11. You seriously think LeBron with no help had a chance against the Spurs?

  12. Gonna be completely honest, I only put “when compared to the other games” to get the title up to the required character limit. I was just gonna put it as “is Valhalla good?” But I couldn’t, so here we are. Also thanks for the response, helpful.

  13. You couldn't have Googled past threads that dealt with this same topic?

  14. Ah, you see, I’m an idiot and thought “let’s waste everybody else’s time”.

  15. Please tell me you’re joking.

  16. Yeah, but when you’re born into money it’s much easier. That former sixer (won’t say his name) got to go to a basketball prep school.

  17. Maxey can’t do the city wrong. The Franchise.

  18. We gonna have to agree to disagree on which is more cowardly/pathetic then.

  19. I never said Thybulle or Kyrie were the worst at anything lol what?

  20. I think LiS requires a certain level of sensitiveness to make you sad and nostalgic.

  21. I almost cried to Titanic and didn't find Life is Strange to be anywhere close to being sad, mainly cause of how awful the ending was.

  22. Its all organised by its correlation to current events. So all the games take place in release order coz that also happens to corrolate with the modern day events. If a piece of media comes out and the modern day is set in the early 2000's then that would be before all the games in the timeline.

  23. I have built an order like this up to roughly 2021ish. I organized in the "modern day" story order, with purely historical tie ins arranged roughly around the relevant game. It doesn't contain some of the latest tie ins as I've been reading/watching/ playing everything as I progress through it

  24. I remember in Mass Effect choosing some (what I thought) badass sounding lines and then reloading the save because the actual dialogue was not badass but straight up evil and mean.

  25. I have been given shit for this same sort of thing almost my entire life, except that it was in person as well as in writing. I read a lot as a kid so picked up some unique vocabulary. I am a rather quiet person but when I do speak, I choose my words very intentionally, which may lead to me using words that are uncommon. When I was younger I think it took people off guard a bit, like they were talking to a small adult. But now that I'm an actual adult and work around intelligent and educated people in a library setting, my language choices are appreciated.

  26. I’m currently playing through AC Origins and as a history nerd I absolutely love all the side content the game has to offer. It’s highly immerses me into a world which already has great immersion (world design, sound design, etc.)

  27. Idk mate I spent about 14 hours in the game and not a single side quest was good it just makes me more lazy to finish the game.

  28. I mean a bit weird to nitpick and comment that over 3 months later but ok

  29. You completely missed the point. I'm saying if she was a man, you wouldn't be thinking "wow I mean they made up and both fought, so how bad could it have been?". You'd be thinking how he was controlling her into staying in the relationship and how awful it is to beat women.

  30. Uhh no, I wouldn't. Nice try trying to stereotype me. When everyone was jumping on Depp's side during the Amber Heard trial, I was the only one saying it was an equally toxic relationship.

  31. Yeah well she was way worse to him so not quite the same scenario lmao. Griners scenario is a way bigger person beating on her partner. You're weird if you rationalize that.

  32. I do, bc I moved from the inner city to the suburbs. My life sucked for a while. No good athletes, no cute girls. So I got good at video games to cope.

  33. No cute girls in the suburbs? I grew up in the suburbs, what you talking about?

  34. Moving to butt fuck Wisconsin from the inner city meant wildly less people for me.

  35. yeah but there is nothing wrong with the person asking on a post anyway, people usually do the same on different subs to get opinions

  36. And there’s nothing wrong with me asking them if they even bothered googling for other responses on a game that is almost 4 years old at this point.

  37. i never said anything is wrong with it, only said it's not a big deal if the person made a post about it

  38. Most of it is newcomer-friendly. When you do feel confused about something, you can check out these short videos that Ubisoft produced . In the lead up to Valhalla, they summarized the most important elements of AC. A few spoilers of the older games included:

  39. How have you not gotten chased out of this sub for having that flair lol?

  40. After game 7, everyone was making fun of them so they closed their sub for a few days

  41. Are they going to go to private subs like the Suns' subreddit?

  42. Think that's bad? How about Arno and the Assassins allying with the Marquis de Sade during the French Revolution.

  43. ….who found de Sade lovable in Unity? Arno didn’t ally with him- he just went to him for information.

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