1. Actually, I was just joking around. But mentioning the Washington Post doesn’t make your quote sourced.

  2. In response to your edit, I’m also more likely to get struck by lightning than to get some extremely rare form of brain cancer. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to reduce that chance even further given the opportunity. Hell, getting struck by is super rare, but I still try to avoid situations where it could happen.

  3. It looks like a club on the outside, and on the inside, it looks like the street!

  4. When I was in my early teens I volunteered at a Christian club called the Flipside Café that actually did this. The outside was painted to look like a street with light posts etc and the inside looked like a dark alley from an eighties movie. We had so much fun dancing to horrible Christian rock and drinking way too much coffee and sneaking out back to smoke. Ah to be 14 again...

  5. You should get Jeb Bush to do an endorsement. I need to hear him say this line.

  6. What? No. That might be what you want, but it's not the current system. The judiciary does not weigh the will of majority or the of the minority. They interpret the existing law, and at the highest level of the state and federal systems, determine whether laws passed by the legislature adhere to the constitution of the state/nation. That's it. There is no weighing of the public will of the majority with the needs of the minority, except where expressly provided in a constitution.

  7. You make it seem like judges are nothing but the legislatures lapdog and that simply isn’t true. Sure, judges are often derided for ‘legislating from the bench’ but that belies the fact that they often have the power to. Unless their hands are tied by specific laws (such as mandatory minimums) a judge has way more power within courtroom than you give him credit for. Say the jury has found someone guilty of possession of marijuana in a state where that is still a crime, but the judge doesn’t believe in sending someone to prison for 5 years for a nonviolent drug offense. The judge must adhere to the law, but that doesn’t mean he has to throw the book at him. We’re deep in this thread arguing the finer points of the criminal justice system when the point is that a kid killed himself because not one judge, prosecutor, or cop stopped and said “wait, why are we punishing this kids again?”

  8. Beginning with your last statement first- they stop because they cannot change the law, they are all officers of the court, who are under oath to adhere to the law. The court is quite literally established for the purpose of interpreting and applying the law. That is their reason for existence.

  9. First I never said that the judiciary originates laws. They do however, just as you said, interpret and apply laws. Second, no one is giving them the power to defy constitutional laws. Again, they have to power to interpret and apply law. And if the judge doesn’t have the power to apply the law based on their conscience, what are they even for? To pick a number between 2 and 7? They are not just cogs in some judicial machine. Or at least they don’t have to be. How does a judge decide that a toddler rapist can get time served because he “wouldn’t fare well” in prison? Or how about this

  10. All the comments say Dodge. What is it about Dodge? Is it all Dodge vehicles? I thought their trucks were supposed to be pretty reliable

  11. Used to be a car salesman and just having a used Dodge on the lot was a hassle. Electrical problems, cracked dashboards, struts and shocks. God I’m getting flahsbacks.

  12. Just took a better job that starts at a lower pay. Had to trade in my truck for a more fuel efficient car. Seems like I made out according to this post and it's comments. Traded in a Dodge Pickup for a Honda Civic.

  13. I bought a 2000 Honda Accord with 180,000 miles on in for $1000, drove it for 5 years, and sold it for $800. Right now I’m driving an F350 Super Duty, but I need something better on gas and you’re damn right to gonna be a Honda.

  14. I will do it like how the Chinese Emperor did for so long.

  15. Well, I’m bi so my so the dudes in my harem could keep their genitalia. Other than that, good idea!

  16. If you have an attraction to someone underage, to the point of almost forcing yourself on them, does that not make you a pedophile? Who knows what else he's done that hasn't been brought up to the public.

  17. Eh, not defending child molesters but it’s a not quite that black and white. 2/3rds of child sexual abusers aren’t pedophiles. And we have no statistics on how many non offending pedophiles are out there. Also, attraction to one underage person doesn’t make you a pedophile. Just like attraction to one person of the opposite sex doesn’t make you heterosexual.

  18. Had to explain anal beads to my grandmother once. I told her it's a cord with beads on it you put it in someone's butt, but then you pull them out really fast and try to start them like a chainsaw. I swear she was going to have a heart attack but she burst out laughing, tears and all. Man, my grandma is awesome.

  19. Had to explain to an ex once that Mardi Gras bears should not be used as anal beads.

  20. Hah! I upvoted and didn’t reply so what now??!

  21. I dunno, it was Beetlejuice for me. The hot goth look was... mmmm.

  22. That’s like Christina Ricci for me. We’re the same age and I’ve had a crush on her since Addams Family. Is it weird that I feel weird watching her early movies now?

  23. Cockweed. I love it. Separated it’s two things I love but together somehow it sounds disgusting. Bravo.

  24. I can’t stop laughing but my heart is crying

  25. Does this remind anyone else of an old Batman episode from the 90s?

  26. You’re not a failure! You wanna know about failure pm me. I’d post it here but I don’t wanna bring the vibe of the thread down. Carry on!

  27. Thaaaats my dishwasher. Always has a packed bowl in his pocket, but sleeps on his uncle's couch and has to bum a cigarette from me every day.

  28. I never understood this. When I did drugs it was so easy to turn a profit! I became a fairly large drug dealer in my town almost by accident. I had three people living with me who worked for me dealing weed and I was in partnership with a few other people dealing and trading in harder drugs. I didn’t even realize how big it had gotten until I showed up to a party and everybody knew me. Kinda spooked me and I got out soon after.

  29. I understand this because I live in a part of Canada where it's very easy to get good stuff for cheap. The main reason I've never sold is to not steal business from friends or friends of friends, because too many of them sell already.

  30. I thought that might happen. It’s kinda frustrating though. I’m neither bragging about it nor humbled by it. I don’t really know how to tell the story without it sounding like a humblebrag.

  31. I don't really buy this. Our minds are much more over sexualized and gear towards making euphemisms out of anything than the reader of this era would be.

  32. Have you read the graffiti on the walls of Pompeii? How about the Songs of Solomon? How about all the raunchy sex jokes hidden in Shakespeare’s plays? People have been thinking sexually for as long as they could think and writing sexually for as long as they could write.

  33. None of those examples are the predominately Christian, post reformation puritanical American era which moby dick was written in tho :/

  34. Editing because my first reply was wrong. But in times of rigid social oppression, euphemism and innuendo are the bread and butter of subversive art.

  35. Put a big empty bowl with a sign that says 'take one'

  36. And scatter some empty King Size Snickers wrappers down the steps.

  37. It's ok though, because he was going to mass murder kids.

  38. I know you’re being sarcastic, but I’d like to point out that this guy hasn’t been convicted of any crime. So until it’s proven otherwise in a court of law, he is an upstanding, law abiding citizen.

  39. I mean homemade suppressors and incendiary devices are illegal so that would be a crime, but the rest wouldn't be.

  40. Oh I’m positive this guy is a criminal. But even being found in possession of illegal material, he’s presumed innocent until convicted by a court of law.

  41. So all I need to do to be pretty is dye my hair purple?

  42. And also the Black Legend of the Spanish Inquisition.

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