1. God, how I can relate to this, especially with Scar. He does this all the time when I have him “help” me garden. I stopped after one too many times and just get him when I’m planting. Lol

  2. Did you find a fix for this? The exact same thing is happening to me the whole page is just frozen

  3. Ugh, no, it just altogether stopping doing it without rhyme or reason! The only fix I have is to complete the quest that’s marked and then it will stop being locked to the quest. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Thank you so much for the detailed instructions! I will definitely do this! I finished each quest and then it would let me scroll through all the quests again, but now it’s doing it again and I’m just at my wits’ end! So I’ll go ahead and follow these instructions. Thank you!

  5. Hey I’m out of the loop! How do you get that path with all the rocks in it? I’m stumped trying to figure it out! Beautiful, enchanting design by the way!! I wish I were that creative in this game! 🥰

  6. I believe its something you can get from Scrooge’s store

  7. Man, I tend to get either repeats or just plain garbage at my store! Nothing that awesome looking!

  8. Thank you! By some random luck, it managed to work without needing to offload my furniture in my home. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Whatever works! Thanks again!

  9. My villagers adore being by Merlin’s house and I always wondered why. Now that we can purchase the book piles he has, I put my own seating area under a gazebo surrounded by books, and the villagers gravitate towards the book piles. They stare at them and even reach out to touch them! Mystery at Merlin’s solved. Btdubs, how can you find the tag “wondrous” on an item in your inventory? I’ve been trying to figure that out but failed miserably. 😂😂

  10. Thank you so much! I did find it last night but thank you for letting me know!!! 😃😃😃

  11. You’re not alone! He snubs me too! “See ya!” Then walks away. Luckily he’s already up to ten for me, but it still is annoying, isn’t it??

  12. Happens to me all the time...I'm just saying all glitches are because I'm on a switch.

  13. I’m on the switch too and my game is littered with glitches, some of which are extremely funny, and crashes which are not so funny. This one can be dumped into the latter bin. Lol

  14. I’m glad or sorry I’m not alone and crazy! Haha. I hope the devs learn of this newish glitch and are able to patch it in the future because this one really sucks! Hahaha

  15. Had this happen to me too! It’s crazy to be in the upside down, as I called it in my post. 😂

  16. I had that happen to me a couple times but now he’s back to having the same old whistle. We thought it was a glitch or something that the whistle was gone, but now it’s back so I don’t know. That’s not much of an answer, but it is something unfortunate that we still have to endure the whistle in my game. 🙄🙄

  17. For starters, always make sure you have a mining buddy.

  18. That’s a bummer. Thanks for explaining! I’m updating the game now so I will check the ingredients needed to make swift potions. Ideally it won’t be so expensive! ☺️☺️

  19. I believe they are only the first 5 swings

  20. Thank you so much! And absolutely, we all start somewhere with this stuff and we learn by trying and gaining inspo from others! I hope you have fun decorating your valley!

  21. Thank you! I just made a river walk and it looks pretty good with ferns and bushes and flowers and rocks (basically all the things)! I’m proud of it! You are right that you gotta start somewhere and I do get a LOT of inspiration from others, particularly you and your gorgeous village! 🥰🥰🥰

  22. Gulp. Maybe. I’m nervous about it. I also revamped my entire plaza except for my farm with all the brick road I could conjure up. Haha. I even put the picnic tables down! Ooh, and I just got a waterfall from the store which I am tripping out about. I have no idea where to put it though! 🤔

  23. I love that fence in the first pic! How do you get the ability to craft it? I just started a couple weeks ago and I don’t have half as cool stuff as you do! Not half the creativity. On Animal Crossing, I have a kickass island, but I’m still learning on this game. Made a river walk that looks awesome though, with your advice about curves and foliage! So thanks again!

  24. Absolutely! The trellises and the arch that match them are craftables, and you unlock the recipe as part of WALL-E friendship quest

  25. Oh duh! They’re the trellises! I see it now! I never liked them but man they look really good in your picture!

  26. I got one last week!!! And it came back into my shop again a couple days ago. Wish we could send gifts to other people like we can on animal crossing.

  27. It's so strange how the stores dole out furniture. I see people celebrating items I got in my first week, and meanwhile I'll see dozens of people with an item that I can't seem to get in my shop for the life of me.

  28. Yeah I get so many repeats too. I just got the bioluminescent palm tree today and am enjoying that one. I can’t wait for night, but most of the time, I get beds or tables or couches that are boring. I’m waiting for a topiary! And now a hammock!

  29. My favorite is when Donald falls and launches across the Meadow w the tea kettle sound

  30. That’s so funny! Donald’s hilarious in his own right with those tantrums of his, but I’d love to see glitches like that!

  31. I once had Donald, mid-tantrum, slide UP all of the Plaza stairs.

  32. Yes I have, after I took a photo of the snow man family I fell through the world. The Snow Man Family fell through as well unless they are supposed to disappear after that quest.

  33. I did on the last of us part 2 last night, jumping out of the boat in the seraphite building. Fell thousands of feet to my death, and the ground was right in front of me lol.

  34. Hahaha! That’s still hilarious though. The Last of Us 2 is heart wrenching otherwise so some levity in between is pretty funny. Unless it messed with your save file. Then not so funny! Haha

  35. Oooo ELITE!! I love every single one’s aesthetic! It’s so pleasing to the eyes and my soul.

  36. Awww thank you so much! Her home is my favorite one we’ve done! I’m glad you liked it too!

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