1. That's me, exactly. I owe so much to BBC America for turning me on to Karl. It was one of those moments in life, like nearly dying from choking or almost killing a man by chucking a rock off a cliff. Life changin'

  2. I love Series 1 and 2. Karl is often at his funniest when he's A. meeting people of other cultures he doesn't understand and B. backed into a corner where he has to do something stressful (like cooking beans on toast for a tribe). They are also great for introducing people to Karl for the first time.

  3. Yeah but heating a house isn't really about heating the air in the house, but giving a sensation of heat to the people inside the house.

  4. You need to heat a house otherwise you will end up with frozen pipes and broken hardware. Boilers have an anti-frost setting for this reason, to ensure that pipework doesn't freeze

  5. Around fifty percent of the world lives in places that use heating but never freeze. They don’t need to heat the house, just the people.

  6. It's almost as if I wasn't talking about that situation, but about ones where you do need to heat the house ... Directly in response to someone saying you don't need to heat a house 🤔

  7. Time wasting pretty much all throughout the game but ultimately we didn't adapt our game to how Everton had set up.

  8. My father-in-law put on a £2 bet at 50/1 for Arsenal to win the league this year on the basis that we had

  9. My brother in christ that team has literally spent over 300m since last year while making 2m in sales.

  10. Their shrewd investment is going to pay off after not very much investment from Mike Ashley.

  11. It screams of "we neglected our league and let two teams run rampant and now we're not as attractive as the premier league and its not fair!" doesnt it?

  12. It didn't seem to be a problem when Barca bought Coutinho for £142m, or Real Madrid spent £83m on Bale.

  13. This is insanity. This is pure insanity. Did you not watch. Cech was shit from day 1 against west Ham when he dropped those two easy crosses.

  14. I like them. I think you are being incredibly harsh and hyperfocusing on some bad performances while ignoring the good ones.

  15. Then your position on the subject is even more untenable. Your fellow countryman got paid a fair slice of the pie after making a bad decision - that should be celebrated as a good thing.

  16. Clearly we are coming at it from two different angles and that's why we aren't understanding each other.

  17. No, I treat a playe’s value on whether they’re worth it 😲 imagine that.

  18. Fantastic reply. Excellent points well made. Melt.

  19. You just said you value players on their worth, then go on to have a clown take that you wouldn't like it even if Jorginho was free.

  20. The best part about this is all of the Trump lovers and piece of shit racist republicans getting enraged at the diversity. Anything that pisses them off, I'm all for.

  21. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, but while you are sitting in your group laughing at the other, it's worth bearing in mind that you are celebrating the fact black and ethnic minorities, and LGBT, are used as tokens.

  22. So trans people are allowed to self-ID and gain a GRC, but only up to the point of how much the institutions believe them? Kind of highlights the issue with the suggested law change.

  23. Jesus, some of you are sad and lonely in this sub. Who even cares if it was a lie? (I doubt it was).

  24. Yeah but really is spelled “rlly” like a little kid would spell it. You can’t just fake that.

  25. The handwriting is too neat for a small child. Anyone with handwriting like that should know to at least put a vowel in 'really'.

  26. I really don't belive this. Anyone 'functionally illiterate' is going to have a hard time filling in the application forms and written test, let alone get through the training. Police do hell of a lot of paperwork, and its not just writing up crime reports. And good luck to anyone functionally illiterate in writing up a court statement.

  27. You don't have to believe me, but I know personally of one case where this has happened in the Force where I live.

  28. My grandfather, father and brother are/were in the police. I have seen the amount of written work they have to do just for training. They have to take multiple written exams. Anyone who's not literate is going to fail hard, well beyond the point where they are given any benefit of the doubt or simply passed to up a quota.

  29. The source is me. I'm not going to doxx myself talking too much about it to be honest. Your lived experience is different to mine.

  30. Me too, though I don't know if it was an intentional ruse. I spent the whole film thinking she was going to start busting heads at any moment.

  31. It definitely was an intentional ruse, along with Masi Oka (Hiro from Heroes) being in there too, no doubt

  32. His constant threats to throw Ladybug off the train definitely felt like it was going somewhere, but after about 45 mins his character just disappears entirely and there’s never any payoff.

  33. I think the fact there was no payoff was the joke. A bit like how Brad Pitt was standing in for Ryan Reynolds as a 2nd choice because he wasn't available

  34. Why would she impregnate women? How do you know her sexual orientation?

  35. The person who raped 2 women. God, I can't even begin to think what his sexual orientation is .....

  36. I mean, there is a genuine, small possibility that it was a legitimate coincidence and she's actually trans. Stranger things have happened (see

  37. The way I see it, we can legitimise his claim that he is trans (giving the right wing all the 'proof' they need that their concerns were legitimate) ... Or we call a spade a spade, recognising he is a man taking advantage of the system.

  38. They’re already on clearance, just wait one more day and pick them out of the bin out back

  39. A younger Sean Bean would've been a great Geralt actually

  40. I agree! I do like Sean Bean and have a soft spot for Sharpe. I can definitely see him being a fantastic Witcher.

  41. I think in the first book it is the strongest accent, he gets softer as he goes through the books. Honestly, I have that accent so it jumped out at me, comforting in so many ways. If you like his Geralt, wait til you get Milva. He does he soooo well

  42. Some people say that this place is shit, full of arbitrary quizzes, demicky callers, people who are not "properly", and bald Manc gits.

  43. Sadly the job came with our new build. Bought house in August and day one pointed out the job. Now end of January and three visits later, still looks like this!

  44. I’d go to a pub quiz (not paying £10 tho, I’m not made of money) with the mentalists from this sub, rather than paying for convention tickets.

  45. Even with their depth, they don’t have a match for a week as well, Pep will go near full strength too id imagine. Pep does not throw away cups.

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