1. Already happened, we agatherians delt with that mistake at Rudhelm.

  2. Danum Argon was the named Heir to Argon I in Chivalry 1. He was the nephew to Argon I, being the son of his sister.

  3. Do we know if Danum's father was killed by the Masons during the Covil war?

  4. Oh that’s weird, I’ve never had that happen

  5. Yeah depends on the lobby spaces if you join one mid match. It's quite funny as me and my mate use it and an opportunity to hunt each other down

  6. Same thing happens in for honor,gigantic nuisance during a team fight

  7. Honestly I think the reason this splitting up of 3v3s and brawls is for honors combat style. For Honors style leans more towards 1v1s due to the lock-on feature and the intensity of the controls and higher skill level. Whereas chivalry's system more heavily leans towards team fighting for obvious reasons (no lock-on and less mechanics to worry about and a lower skill level)

  8. Wonder if you can get both legs cut of the same way you can your arms?

  9. Bro you literally just destroyed the most powerful weapons in the game

  10. Yeah my agatha knight looks fairly similar but I use the protector of Galencourt armet (best of the armets imo)

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