1. Feels like sephiroth should get in their if Vergil makes it, also link and cloud should probably get on

  2. Care to elaborate more on how you would prefer they done it?

  3. Adam, he fought Zeus and for most of with little difficulty until Zeus transformed, and even though he eventually lose, Zeus admitted Adam had a chance at winning. Zeus is the same guy that assert dominance over Shiva before the round

  4. Realistically, yeah, I am. I’m just exaggerating for comedic effect. Though, I did make this meme as some sort of self therapy about I feel about this hobby at the moment

  5. They are actually playing pretend and Batgos is just going easy on them

  6. Sans vs The judge sweep, most people only lean to korsensei because they either don’t know OFF or they don’t like him korosensei vs monukoma.

  7. Should be Sun Wukong, not only would I make the argument that he doesn’t have infinite strength but it would only make him universal, which a lot of these characters have surpassed.

  8. The simple answer is that the Mario verse is more convincing with its universal scaling

  9. I've seen some put Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth, and Nyarlathotep as a sort of Trinity, which would make them all equals which carry out separate functions. I think that case can be made, but I doubt Lovecraft ever had it in mind.

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