1. There's Panic Fest every year in April in Kansas City at the screenland. It's horror movies and a couple live recordings of podcasts.

  2. It is now a NextCare and you need to make an appointment they don't take walk ins I've heard.

  3. Off topic (sort of) but if you live in one of the lofts above Mass, where do you park? You can’t park on Mass during the day without paying and you have to move your car before 9 am each morning. This is only my own curiosity.

  4. I know the 888 new Hampshire lofts have a parking garage. You can see the entry from the GAB drive through. And I think the others buy parking permits from the city. 901 new Hampshire is right next to the parking garage and they have a private elevator.

  5. I do not have any more free looks at the ljworld but that article linked to a change petition where you could see them all.

  6. Archibowls 10th between mass and new Hampshire. They're vegan and they're hoping for more community support.

  7. I would second Leeway Franks. We were in Lawrence for the TCU game and couldn't find anywhere on Mass to eat and I remembered someone recommending Leeway Franks. We walked in and it was completely empty. They're a little on the expensive side but it was one of the best burgers I have ever had. I'm definitely planning on going back the next time I'm in town.

  8. You need to check out their butcher too just two doors down. All the meat at Frank's is cut at the butcher.

  9. Spirits open the last week of August so if we were getting one it would have been open already. Your closet store is going to be the ledgends at the old best buy.

  10. As someone said above, the people who live around the cemetery will not hesitate to call the police.

  11. This is an explicit porn video in case anyone is wondering.

  12. Worlds of fun and oceans of fun is all that we have in Kansas. Oceans of fun is more like a puddle of fun. I’m from colorado & Arizona. I’ve visited southern California and texas too. I was surprised and sad to learn that there aren’t any more theme parks in Kansas… just one.

  13. WoF and oceans is on KCMO, on the Missouri side. There are technically no theme parks in Kansas.

  14. I'm gonna add that to my birthday/Christmas list on Amazon (my birthday is on October 5th, so if I add it now Amazon should have plenty of time to ship it).

  15. There's a book called haunted Kansas by a local Lawrence artist. Find it and give it a read it's good! Also they do ghost tours of mass street around Halloween.

  16. Do not go to Henrys. Go to Louieses downtown. This is the only place that is neutral and safe. Meaning you cant lose.

  17. There's a good Korean bbq in overland park. Chosun Korean bbq where you make it at the table.

  18. Does lucky berry still deliver and or sell through ramen bowls?

  19. Apartments.ckm is a big help with that. You can change the criteria and it'll show what's available for all apartments that use it in Lawrence, which is basically all of them.

  20. The old college corner laundromat. Across from Lawrence high on 19th. It's 1900 bakery and someone else doing it.

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