1. Your xbox gamertag (the microsoft account name) is different from your minecraft username

  2. I would say beef jerky but it often has a decent amount of sugar in it

  3. Jack Links does a no sugar beef jerky. Found it last month

  4. Take the money and use an online dictionary, those are literally free to use

  5. I agree all new features are trash Swimming isn't like vanilla (until people liked it) The deep dark isn't like vanilla (until people liked it) Netherite isn't like vanilla (until people liked it) Village raids aren't like vanilla (until people like them) Do you see the problem

  6. Those features were all positive, it is just weird and dumb honestly to have an extra unnecessary expensive item to make netherite gear instead of just diamond gear and netherite

  7. It's not that expensive just go to a bastion and get one then duplicate it like you do with all the other trims

  8. But 7 diamonds for each one on top of the netherite ingot is a lot, netherite takes a lot of mining to find as is, so I feel like it is balanced as it already is

  9. What nozzle did you use, it can't be any less than 1 or 1.5mm

  10. I agree, they often live in very low income areas and sometimes have to resort to scamming, but they are still guilty of stealing money from people who earned it legitimately.

  11. It sometimes happens to me too but I have no idea what causes it, it seems to be completely random and somewhat rare

  12. Whats going on? Im not up to date with info on updates

  13. Go on the official minecraft website and look for the latest article

  14. Trim diamond armor with netherite, then upgrade it. It can be done in survival

  15. Or that, but it should also be possible with commands

  16. Same dumb grille, but everything else looks and probably feels amazing

  17. Push-ups, pull ups, sit ups, crouches, plank. There’s your full body workout.

  18. Exactly, you don't need to spend a cent to stay fit. I would also add jogging or at least going for a walk to that routine

  19. Sombrero is an easy kill. Not a hard counter. Just shoot and she dies.

  20. Honestly playing as ball can only mean that you're either a one trick and might be good or you're throwing.

  21. I would say go into the practice range and try all of them. If you press f1 it shows you an explanation of each ability if you can't figure out what one does

  22. It's disgusting honestly, they sometimes crack down on p2w java servers when they get too much attention, but they don't care at all on bedrock.

  23. Yesterday I waited 25 mins for a no limits game where we had a leaver and also lost

  24. What do you mean, mayo and garlic instantly make anything 10x better

  25. I hate how I wouldn't be surprised by this, they ruined the front end on a lot of new bmws anyway. The m3/4, 7 series, x8, and now this thing

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