The Housing Market Will Collapse

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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A sense of impending doom

  1. HAHAHHAHA is it really a Tesla? Thought it was a civic.

  2. So what does your manager offer ? Kinda counter intuitive. Ppl are going to cancel if the service sucks. So why not let them try first. If they like it. They will come back to you. The one who helped them.

  3. I hope they rob you good. Stupid robinhood why would anyone use that junk.

  4. No. The market crashed. I don’t want my house to crash too

  5. It's the stock EVSE included in the 2019 Bolt EV. It's a re-branded / re-packaged Clipper Creek from what I've heard -- and it can handle 240V @ 12A (despite only being delivered with a 120V plug). The wires are indeed on the thin side, especially compared to my 40A-capable EVSE, but since it it only draws 12A, it's fine.

  6. Wow. I see. But it shouldn’t be 240v issue. Seems like damaged cables.

  7. We’re you able to get it at the new lowered MSRP?

  8. Haha we did something like this in our Tesla once. Best part of taking a Tesla was seeing the giraffe’s big tongue slurping water off our glass roof, which I didn’t manage to get on camera, but I took a picture of it

  9. With the market like this everything should be eating crayons!

  10. You can turn it on or off. I turn it off on my iPhones.

  11. Same for my parents house. It has 5GUC. Cuts in and out though. They only get 2Mb down. And not even 1Mb up. They rely on Wi-Fi. Never figured out what’s wrong

  12. Ridiculous. Totally not fair! Stupid T-Mobile.

  13. Wow. I’m sorry you’re suffering with that kind of phone.

  14. I have T-Mobile for personal and my company switches between Verizon and AT&T like every two years. AT&T has been the “worse” out of the three even inside stores T-Mobile is better. Inside stores ATT and VZ won’t load data but T-Mobile does. It’s not fast. But it works. And in most occasions T-Mobile may not be faster but has the coverage.

  15. You can literally lose up to 100pts if a collections account hits your credit report but alright tough guy 😂

  16. I want to see the ding on his credit. Lol

  17. That’s how it is since 2012. You should always port out. At the end of your billing cycle.

  18. lol thought it was just me. I got sick of it and just made it low sensitivity vs my previous med.

  19. Getting tired of service appointments, at least I have 2 scheduled already that I can add to the long list of issues. Real question is should I be driving it with the airbag warning on?

  20. Ya. Driving is fine. Just don’t crash. lol

  21. Damn I'm really getting convinced to get a bolt, but that charging speed is almost a deal breaker. As someone who drives an ICE that can get 400 miles on a tank, is it impossible to road trip anything in a bolt over like a 6 hour drive?

  22. You have to plan. Use plug share and look up the DC chargers on the route and plan your stops. If not terrible. Or just rent a car.

  23. Yeah but then I'd be eating the 1100 I paid in IL sales tax $800 on a new set of tires $500 in weathertech mats, side window deflectors, new air and cabin air filters, title transfer fee.

  24. But if you put in the effort you’ll get a 5 year newer car.

  25. Just reserving a plate. I reserved my model 3 plate in 2016. Held it on my Jetta.

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