Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

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  1. Enoughs enough. The police need to be fucking held accountable and jailed and deserve to be financially ruined for the rest of their lives.

  2. That's actually a hippo penis, just to give more context on their ferocity

  3. Yeah like damn, why are so many idiots quick to claim "WELL ASKSHUALLY" whenever responsibility is mentioned?

  4. A waterfall behind a pub in the Yorkshire dales.

  5. Absolutely. I got graphic novels too, but for series that last more than a certain of volumes I buy digital copies because of the space they take.

  6. I went to a call like that when I was a Paramedic. A guy left a 30-06 rifle on the seat. His kid climbed in the passenger side and discharged it. The round entered his right chest exiting his left armpit severing an artery. I had to reach in the exit wound and pinch off the artery to prevent more blood loss. Meanwhile, my partner was throwing up in the side yard. Good times.

  7. Silly question but are arteries easy to see with the naked eye?

  8. I dislike the idea of AI devaluing art and education, but I will ABSOLUTELY use it to create a cover letter for job applications and fuck up the Job Interview industry until they stop demanding for useless cover letters

  9. Haha you forgot about the key part of all British infrastructure. The Traffic. 30 minute trips are more like 3 hours!

  10. How about a lane purely for a train or tram? That way daytrippers can sail past the lanes and not worry about drink-driving, plus the scenic route...

  11. I tried grapes like these (except they were marketed as normal grapes) and they don't really taste that different. The taste is pretty cool and crisp if you keep them in the fridge.

  12. Why I fly St. George's Flag? I identify as English and (inside The UK) that's my flag. I believe we should celebrate the fact we're four countries in one and fly our flags with pride. If I was able to get hold of a Norfolk County flag I'd fly that too.

  13. Some places have flags of their own, like the Black Country region in the West Midlands that was designed by a teenager. It's design is based on the Red House Glass Cone and the Chain on it allude to the historic chain-making industry.

  14. We'd rather fight a class war than a culture war. The latter is a distraction created by the rich to divert people's attention to the scapegoats.

  15. Really cool how you even downgraded the quality of the last panel

  16. Silly question but what did it feel like when you stood up after the surgery?

  17. ... seriously, don't they have enough space in their file cabinets in their work offices to fit these documents in?

  18. And they should. If anything, Russia is in danger from Finns.

  19. I live in a white middle class suburb and the church is thriving here lmao. I've never seen anything like it. My whole neighbourhood is just old people.

  20. I mean, good for the elderly or simply those who feel like socialising. Loneliness is not a nice thing to experience.

  21. We know all about Mexico. Where do you think they get those guns? It isn't the gun fairy, its US government/corporate leaders.

  22. Oh the Gun Fairy is real, you leave a spent cartridge under your pillow and when you wake up, you get a handgun in exchange

  23. The kids one is major for me. As soon as i hear a woman already has kids it’s an instant nope for me. I don’t even want kids of my own

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