1. I'll rephrase... Why so many employees at 3am... And will the poor bastards get overtime?

  2. When an earthquake this size hit a supermarket with zero insurance over bottled glass of wine vodka and others , im sure it would freak the shit out of the owner. No one expected a 7.8 to hit

  3. earth is a grain of sand on the beach lapped at on all sides by quantum seafoam waiting to be washed away, humanity even less than that.

  4. Storm and earthquake not really the best combination for such a night

  5. I think 7 ma bieb2a hada ykhabbir

  6. Japan recorded their 7 earthquake on video, what we experienced was the same level actually, it took 3 min for it to stop.

  7. I just checked his posts out. He is deep into astrology & has an eye for planetary magick geometry patterns. What a guy :)

  8. I get to tell the whole world that I survived 7.8

  9. I already started by asking around for someone with a non-Lebanese number 💀

  10. The fact that Lebanese is ranked top 5 for using chat gpt says something about its passion for wanting to advance but stuck in a shithole of politics

  11. No. This means lebanese advance in cheating in college essays and PHD thesis papers.

  12. There wont be any college essay or homework anymore

  13. I think so. Most of that list looks like pretty new things that happened

  14. 2023 will be the year when google release something that is new.

  15. Fact if u invested 5000$ in bitcoin in the beginning of 2020, you would have about 30,000$ (6x increase) now (considered that bitcoin bottomed), you would have made 70,000$+ if u sold it in 2021 :)

  16. It is a strangely common misconception. It breaks down as quite a lot historically would need to change - which non-states are states in the 52? What about their inhabitants?

  17. The sky is blue in the same way that i remember the U.S having 52.

  18. Just a quick question, which camera did u take this photo from?

  19. Can't you still use ChatGPT as a base and then edit it into your own words?

  20. The jump from ‘it is terrible at answering math questions’ to ‘soon it’ll answer questions than transcend reasoning’ is a massively impressive assumption

  21. The same can be said from GPT 1 to GPT 2 to GPT 3,. Going from gpt-2 to gpt-3 was considered science fiction

  22. You missed my point. Look, I don’t doubt the singularity will happen a looooot sooner than we think, and that ChatGPT is a huge huge step towards that. But my point was that this ‘improvement’ in how it deals with math is just not as significant as OP claimed in this specific post. And using this post as a backbone for saying that soon it’ll do XYZ incredible intellectual feats seems weird to me. That’s all

  23. Im talking about the upcoming Gpt-4,. Gpt-3 hit its limitations

  24. All the maps you provided, u provided all S- tiers that I know XD

  25. I'm same but different, I feel like it's unlocked a sort of superpower. It's helped me write multiple programs that are generating income for me, and I feel like I'm still just learning how to use it. I'm working harder just because I'm seeing the ridiculous results it's getting me.

  26. Thelema, singularity and chat gpt? What a combination, lol

  27. wouldnt you rather see you're fellow human be freed from paying bills? time to think outside the shackles.

  28. I mean the government provides us with all our basics, why are they in the streets?

  29. I feel guilty when I accidentally step on ants on the street.

  30. I advise you to consider AUB or LAU. USEK has a bad reputation when it comes to the quality of education.

  31. It all depends on the professor. I can name you a few professors from LAU that turn their classes into a shitshow. USEK outranked NDU & LAU in 2021.

  32. Thanks for your input! Could you elaborate on what you mean with " less political" ?

  33. Basically, LAU, NDU, AUB, all these universities that are considered to be "great" have politics involved.

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