1. My question is maybe stupid, but how is the shape in hands compared to the g pro superlight ? (if I ever used one) .

  2. I have a G Pro super light. The superlight is smaller and obviously straight versus the DA v3 is ergo shape and feels decently bigger in my hand. I'm a huge ergo guy, they feel way more comfortable in my hand. If you have bigger size hands, I'd go DA v3. If you have medium hands and play a lot of flick shooters, I'd go GPX. Personally, I'd go DA v3 because the clicke feels better, the coating feels way better and I prefer ergo mice.

  3. Man I'm with you 100%. I love everything about this mouse and wish I could be one of those people that could end game it, but it's just a tad too narrow and too tall for me, it actually hurts my hand and makes it tingle. When I put my hand on the model D it just fills out my hand really well and supports it, and with the V3 I have to sort of squeeze it to grip it. Everything else is incredible though and I'm envious of the people who called this the most comfortable ergo ever.

  4. Facts bro. Such a bummer, I waited so long for this mouse and was so hyped for it.

  5. Just hit max traders. My game has been acting really bad for me the last couple days for some reason. Like my pmc grunts and then I get hit by a bullet. I shoot a scav and he drops and then his gun shoots. A player scav was voiping in front of me but I was hearing his voice behind me and he was making zero footsteps audio. I killed a PMC and I hit him with my last bullet, he starts running away and then drops dead, to the point I thought someone else killed him. Not sure what's been going on with my game but it's been terrible last couple days and all my raids have been dead. Hoping for some content and maybe a technical update again soon as the PvP has been really terrible this wipe. Either you desync or get desync.

  6. The benefit is you have a reduced scav timer, and get Fences crown tab which allows you to buy uninsured PMC gear.

  7. I'm curious. When PMCs die on labs, does that show up in fences max loyalty tab ? You can't insure anything for labs but there are no scavs on labs either.

  8. Sounds like a sandbox game so for sure 5800x3D if you only plan to game on it. I play escape from Tarkov and that is really cpu/memory intensive and i switched out my 5950x and put it in another PC and put a 5800x3d into my gaming rig, and I got 60 fps increase for Tarkov on average, with no more frame drops. It was kind of insane.

  9. Bro, you want to know what is aids? 15 kills on Sanitar and no Blue tape key. Over 5000 jackets looted, still missing half the task keys. Nearly 1300 raids, only have 1 cultist knife turned in..... nearly 1300 raids...killed goons twice (before task) and never seen them again. Thats aids man

  10. Damn I must of gotten really lucky and like 3 weeks into wipe I ran into Sanitar, killed him, and he had his blue tape key on him. I haven't seen him since tho lol.

  11. Yeah i dunno. I can confirm that those % of spawns are completely wrong. Got about 200 woods raids, seen them twice there. About 300 customs, seen them once. Shitline ive got about 400 due to tasks and friends tasks and ive never even seen them there

  12. maybe rng ? because ive ran into goon squad 4 times IN A ROW at shoreline lmao. it was hilarious, it was at weather station. ive ran into them a couple more times since then too, at weather station. my friend got a blue keycard from knights pocket. ive ran into them soo many times on shoreline and only 1 time on lighthouse.

  13. Feel bad for the cop. I kind of feel like he wanted to shoot the guy when he got in his car and was backing up but I feel like the cop thought it wouldn't of been justified shooting if he did it then, but the alternative was once he really had green light to shoot, it was too late and he was in immediate danger. Only thing I can think of is he should of back up and gotten behind solid cover when the guy was backing away in his jeep. But idk. Hope the cop is okay.

  14. Nothing new this wipe. Same boring ass tasks. More cheaters. More desync. More audio problems. Lots of my friends already stopped playing.

  15. Yea I was thinking the exact same thing. Desync and audio seem so much worse this wipe for some reason and paired with no new content, Im worried from here on out there won't be too many PMCs in my raids

  16. Im gonna be honest i have noticed that I am playing about half the amount of time now. Ive spent the last 3 or 4 weeks stuck on pretty much the same tasks and intead of enjoying the tasks or feeling motivated to get them done, im just getting bored and frustrated. I am a bit OCD with having tasks just sitting there so i always do them all. I got bored of capturing outposts, ive looted over 5000 jackets, still cant do broadcast or top secret on lighthouse, both of my marked keys didnt yield willerz wallet or gingy thing. The whole flea market changes have also made that whole part of the game a waste of time since I can generally make more money just selling to traders in most cases. Simple quest keys on flea going for items that one never really tends to find in tarkov. The whole game has become stale, even pvp has gone down. I did 30 bunker rushes yesterday to finish off killing 50 raiders, I had 2 decent pvp encounters throught that whole time. I feel like BSG are actually taking away a lot of the fun in order to try and "slow wipe progression"

  17. I feel you man. If you hop on Tarkov discord and keep joining Lighthouse chat groups to team up with people to play lighthouse, I gurentee you will run into a random teammate who will have those 2 lighthouse keys for you. The PvP has been really trash for me this wipe too. Ive been doing good and winning the majority of my encounters, but desync and audio definitely feel worse this wipe and add no new content this wipe either, it's exactly why I'm worried the player base has gotten a huge dive in numbers

  18. yes could be but wouldn't they use gloves or something?

  19. Haha fucking A, someone probably gamed with it until release day and then put it back in inventory. /S

  20. Set an alarm 5 mins before reset and spam the refresh on fleamarket. Gotta get lucky bc they sell out instantly

  21. In sake of not making the video 2 to 5 minutes long, I cut that out. But I was doing exactly that. On flea market the timer for mechanic restock was 45 seconds before the timer on the trading screen hit 0. At first I was on flea market and watching the timer hit 0 and refreshing like a mad man, but nothing happened, then I went to trading screen and waited 45 seconds for that to hit 0 and nothing happened. It never went back in stock, and just kept saying out of stock lol.

  22. Yeh its mad out of sync. Just commit to flea and keep refreshing. Took me a few tries before i was able to snag it

  23. Probably the Fnatic Focus 3. Nice mix of speed and control. It’s also waterproof and very durable.

  24. How does the fnatic focus hold up against aqua control plus or aqua control 2 ?

  25. I did one as well and was killed by a pretty sussy boy. Granted I don’t know the map the best. Sure would be cool if I could play on it and learn without xiouxiou_ytg giving me an 855 facial lmao

  26. Buy a labs key card and run it on offline servers. I did that a ton and learned the map really well and fighting against raiders is actually good practice even tho ai is busted in this game.

  27. I'm a normal citizen but I shoot a lot as a hobby and I played sports all my life. To me, it sounds like you got the yips. You practiced a lot and got it down but failed the test. The pressure might of gotten to you. Definitely keep practice shooting and this might sound funny as shit, but concider seeing a sports psychologist, they can work wonders to help you work through your yips and perform under pressure in a competition, which shooting targets and getting a score I would concider a type of sports competition. Can't help you in the job advice department tho haha.

  28. People probably won't agree with me but the 5900x runs hot and if I was to go air cooler, I would go noctua NH-D15

  29. In my opinion, X-ray fucked up so hard with it's product naming and description. Even I had a hard time and was so confused on what the fuck is going on. They need to wipe the slate clean and restart this product line up and make it consistent

  30. Just adding to this, admittedly having only used the Aqua Control 2 (Sakura print), coupled with an ultra-light mouse the friction is minimal while also having good stopping power for FPS with short TTK.

  31. That's really cool. Yea I have all 3 varients on my desk. I'm gonna return the black AC+ as it's same thing as AC2. But I really can't make my mind up between the AC+ Strata and the AC2. Both 4mm thickness and improve stitching, both same material but the AC2 is rougher version of the same fabric so less little faster but little less stopping power. It's been a hard. Noice between them.

  32. I play at 500 dpi and in Tarkov my general sensitivity is 0.30 and my aim sensitivity is 0.20. quick note, I'm pretty sure that Tarkov's sensitivity slider is different than other games because my effective dpi in Tarkov is vastly different than my effective dpi in other games. Like in other games I'd be playing at 0.90 sensitivity at 500 dpi but in Tarkov I'm at 0.30

  33. They’re not hard to grip either way but the white is definitely a better grip for me

  34. Interesting. I have the white one but want the black one more. The white one feels really good and it's better without the after market grips. Im gonna use the mouse for 1 more week before giving a final review on here.

  35. does your right click feel diff from your left click on either of them?

  36. No, I can't tell the difference at all. I just clicked both of them too. One thing I can state early on is the build quality is absolutely superb, at least on my sample.

  37. I always sideways blind fire with my flashlight turned on. People always think I'm peeking but then I get confirmation they are there after they shoot at me and then when they reload, I peek the hallways and then I have dominance and the enemy has to peek his head into my aim down sight gun

  38. It would be nice to see how geared the guy that killed you was, but it also will get used to gather information on the enemy when playing as a team

  39. Eh I don't see it being that much more helpful then the death screen already. Your teammate is already going to tell you what caliber he got killed by and 90% of the time that's all I need to know. 7.62 BP, M62, m855A1, he's a Chad and dangerous. M80,M62, 762x54, he most likely has a scope and is dangerous at range. 45 acp ap, AP slugs, and other high tier smg rounds, he's dangerous up close Chad most likely. High flesh damage rounds, he's a leg meta and a cheeser, even more dangerous lmao.

  40. Let's say someone one tapped your teammate using m62 but it's suppressed and he only shot once, you'd be more cautious pushing someone that has any .308 dmr than if the guy was using a Remington 700 wouldn't you? And that kind of info you don't get from a single suppressed shot

  41. I understand what you are saying but I very rarely run into a Remington 700 M62 boy, like super super rarely. If they using bolt action, they using 762 x 54 nine times out of 10. Even so, If it's M62 I already know he lethal at range, is most likely semi auto, or a very high recoil full auto, and maybe rare chance is bolt action, but regardless Im pushing him to get up close on him because if it's full auto, the recoil will be high, if it's semi or bolt, I'm applying pressure with more shots down range at him. . Personally the guides and gun builds is so fully researched on Tarkov that it's very predictable what someone is running based on the bullets they are using so for that reason, if you know their caliber, I see no harm In seeing a picture of the pmc who killed you. But who cares honestly, it's all hypothetical anyways, it's not like this is ever going to happen.

  42. Hopefully one day. I've been waiting for a western studio that has a broader range to hire devs to make a Tarkov game. Tarkov with high level networking, AI and audio s my dream game.. bsg continued this game based off a demo to show off their vision to get investors and just kept building on top of it. Sometimes I worry that's the reason this came can never be super polished but I don't know and it's just my guess/fear.

  43. Cap w301 e205 e222 gpu’s ledx’s d fibs moonshine

  44. That's funny because they nerfed merin this wipe, it's not close to what it was last wipe. That's why you can buy merin for 150k this wipe. Last wipe it was barter only or you got lucky and someone posted it for 1 million

  45. Must’ve gotten lucky with my ledx s sure could go both ways rng wise with kiba yea me and my bud are goblins we take it all

  46. I hit ultra med 50 times last wipe and best I got was propital lmao. All the keys for interchange are not what they use to be. Ultra med went from being 1 to 2 million rubel key, to 200,000 lol. I'm not sure why BSG is nerfing all the maps. Reserve is a baren waste land of Timmies who are extract camping or a naked pistol running. Vast change from the Chad PvP go to map that it was when I first started playing the game.

  47. Haha yea. That's gotta be my worst rogue experience by far. There where a ton of dead bodies at garage side of 3, so that single rogue was the terminator that raid for some reason. He was not making any footsteps noise, nor voice lining, he was just dead quite the whole time in 3. I threw 3 gernades inside of 3 and he never ran or made a voice line. To the point I started thinking he was gone or something. Then the clip happens and he shot me through a bunch of objects and his first shot hit my face lmaooo. It almost felt like he was bugged out.

  48. Sucks dude. The AI in Tarkov is terrible. Got killed by Tagilla, night factory. Head eyes. No flashlight on his gun. So, in the dark, with a welding helmet on, he turns the corner and two taps me. Such an immersive experience, very akin to your rogue encounter.

  49. Agreed man. Holy shit dude, that's actually super bad too. Pitch dark and tagilla just guns you down from God knows where -_-

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