1. Gonna go hard as hell with white laces. Can’t wait

  2. The cardinal portion of the midsole goes too far up. It should stop where the elephant print starts.

  3. Try using a soft suede brush and brushing along the lines in a circular motion. They look to be dusty but idk.

  4. Yes it was. Now it has evolved. I’m telling you what the meaning of Karen was before everybody started using it and making it their own.

  5. I understand that’s where Karen originated. But that’s not what you said.

  6. Well to me the original meaning is the correct meaning. I don’t just go around calling anybody that inconvenience me a Karen.

  7. this episode really made me dislike Maya a lot. yes what Pam did was super shitty and Maya just was petty and instead of making things right with the mother of her girlfriend who made a huge change, she just makes everything awkward and then she makes it some kind of a biphobia thing (which is irony since Emily is bisexual in the books)

  8. Emily mom’s got Maya sent away to a camp where she met her future killer. Emily‘s mom is A, that’s all Im saying lol.

  9. as I said, Pam was a shitty person in season 1 (and I appreciate the writer for giving her maybe the best character development in the series) and Maya has the right to be mad. but instead of confronting Pam, telling her how she feels, and trying to resolve things with her for Emily's happiness, Maya was just pathetic and made it uncomfortable for everyone. and then she was "you are so biphobic Emily" (despite Emily being a victim of bi-erasure) and in the rest of the season Maya kept on being unlikable

  10. Aria said you aint about to kiss me and make me fall in love with you like you did to emily sis.

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