1. Yes!!! she's oblivious to health and nutrition yet acts like she's an expert at those things. It just shows the whole "seed" campaign is a lie on their part.

  2. Omg not the seed bullshit. I swear they’re money feens 💀 . It annoys me when her hobo looking husband talks about seed .

  3. Girl i feel you. Starbucks is good stuff , and im ngl I indulge in it too sometimes (like once a month) but drinking it on a daily basis is 💀

  4. Don’t forget the times where she told the youtube world how much of a “Thong panty” type of girl she is .

  5. And then naming the title of the video “christmas tree fight” and trying to depict that all marriages are like this 💀 wtf does she see in this guy

  6. Ngl I lost it when he was like “ you just keep saying it’s too big” and she was like yeah sorry “ the circumference is large” 😂😂😂😂

  7. The fact that he’s always bullying her , and she doesn’t even realise it ,makes me irk a little. I mean their first vlogmas video, when they’re putting up the tree .

  8. Genuinely curious… does your mother or father (not in-laws) visit y’all or have a problem with your husband?

  9. My parents passed away when i was younger, yet this lady even brings up my dead parents in conversations .. to call them out

  10. If you love your husband and want a healthy marriage, then I’d suggest you both go to therapy together if you haven’t already. I say this only because in some of your previous comments and posts you talk about your dad’s alcoholism, the abuse your family suffered through, wishing your mom had got a divorce, etc. These kinds of traumas can leave a person with unhealthy coping mechanisms for family life and need to be talked through. I’d also suggest reading “Boundaries” by Cloud & Townsend. You can’t change your mother in law, but you can change your response and limit what gets put in your “yard.” God speed and I hope y’all find some sort of solution.

  11. Thank u for reaching out I appreciate your kindness. Its a really sad situation for me because my husband doesnt believe in counseling and therapy when i have mentioned numerous times that this is affecting my mental health. I’ve suffered alot of trauma in my life since my childhood & i know im not ok. Im crying on a daily basis because shes constantly saying stuff about breaking our relationship and how she regrets the day my husband found me. My husband says that talking it out with her is going to fix everything, but i wish he would understand that the things she says have a big impact and that my mind doesnt have a delete button.

  12. They are actually the Havens...but their channel should be called The Hunters because Hunter has taken control of the channel.

  13. Omg i didnt even notice i said hunters😂 yeah your right i hear so much of hunter that I literally am like their the hunters lmao!

  14. Julia looks like an overly burnt out mom of 6 that just cant get her life together and hunner , yeah well he’s just hunner

  15. Yes they weighed both my bags and both were overweight, the lady was not nice and told me to pay 120$ in total for both bags since it’s overweight. I told her i only had 60$ and she negotiated and let me pay 60$ for my overweight luggages

  16. i don’t understand why they keep calling this home a log cabin…it’s a gorgeous, large, million+ dollar home. they need to get real

  17. Wait how much is the house value? I would love a link😂

  18. This place is so frieken good!! Im out of Bakersfield at the moment & now im craving some pita paradise 😟. Lucky youuu!!

  19. I know in the US when they scan checked bags , if they see something unusual they have the right to open your checked bag and remove the item or check them. They will leave a letter in your checked bag stating they checked the inside of your bag. You can even google this .

  20. Peppermint tea, and peppermint eucalyptus essential oil. Rub 2 drops of each in between your hands and breathe in deep breaths when you feel nauseous. It works wonders.

  21. It was a recommended and I thought wtf no way she’s so genuine blah blah but that’s how I found this snark I really never thought mihehe was bad till I read😜

  22. I mean I’ll be honest im not a huge fan of julia and never looked up to her like that , but i do like her makeup recommendations.. and appreciate that she doesnt go out buying all these high end products like mihehe just to brag about it online . I used to like milena because i thought she was relatable but dang was that a lie.

  23. I have balls thats why I suggested him to grow some hair . Isn’t this the best solution…. Asshole

  24. You clearly don’t have the balls that’s why your on reddit behind a screen, dumb shit.

  25. Tell ur phone no. I will show my balls If you don’t tell ur no. U probably don’t have balls you cunt..

  26. Wet nd wild!! I feel like they’re very underrated but I love all their brow products in general.

  27. She looks insanely gorgeous with dark hair. Atleast hor sees it. She’s blind i swear.

  28. I ran here!! Literally OMGGGGGGG . I never thought the day would come so soon , i mean she probably spent a fortune going blonde! But yaaaas girl get rid of that crusty blonde hair!

  29. man ur living on the edge if ur using thongs during ur period lol

  30. There’s been times i wanted to wear a thong when i had my period. ( when u gotta wear leggings & you dont want a diaper butt sticking out. Yes its real)

  31. I love eucalyptus and spearmint. It really calms me down and relaxes me .

  32. Aww thank you!!💛 before i started growing them out , (after overplucking badly) i used to use castor oil so that the sparse areas would grow hair. You can try it to see if it would help☺️

  33. I’m with everyone on the elf putty primer. My holy grail setting powder is the beauty bakery translucent flour powder. I believe you can get it at Target now too. I probably own about 20 translucent powders, and none of them (except maybe for Nikkia Joy’s powder. She made it specifically for oily skin) can suck up my oil like BB. I actually think NJ powder is better for non make up days. It covers all my redness and keeps me me more matte without foundation.

  34. Definitely watch juicyjass on youtube. She’s a drugstore makeup queen. I think she did a video on eyeliner dupes. Nevertheless all her videos are majorly comparing high end and drugstore. I buy all my makeup based on her recommendations.

  35. Milani make it last setting spray is a dupe for urban decay all nighter . Drugstore influencers swear by it. I also love the instant age rewind concealer & ive repurchased it so many times. I love the wet n wild ultimate brow kit . It has brow powder, brow wax and even a little brush. I love it. L. A girl brow pencil is an amazing dupe for anastasia Beverly hills brow wiz. Milani baked bronzer, blush and highlight is beyond amazing and beautiful. They honestly remind me of my hourglass ambient lighting powders but definitely more pigmented so be very light handed with them. I recently also bought the milani spf bff primer and im in loveeee!! It gives my skin such a beautiful radiant glow , just like mac strobe cream . Another product i always come back to is maybelline fit me foundation, this is like an iconic. If im ever debating on what foundation i should or should not use , i know this one will never let me down. For lips i think that the nyx suede lip liners are an amazing dupe for the mac lip liners. They’re just as creamy!! 😇 these are some of the products I really enjoy & i hope this helped!

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